The students listed in the links below have been awarded degrees by the Senate of Carleton University in May 2019. Click here for the list of degrees awarded in February 2019.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Diploma in Architectural Conservation

St├ęphanie Chiasson
Kathleen Jillian Coulthart
Michelle Duong
Meighen Sarah Katz
Jeannine Diane Senecal

Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution

Heather Alix Allen
Patricia O’Connor
Andre Potvin
Laurie Samuels

Graduate Diploma in Curatorial Studies

Hilary Carragh Dow
Alexander James McKenzie

Graduate Diploma in Health: Science, Technology and Policy

Natalee E. Rubec

Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Policy and Administration

Miranda Gallo
Christopher Eugene Lechkobit Carpenter
Matilda Madekufamba

Graduate Diploma in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership

Andrea Marie Hogue Reynolds

Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation

Ann-Renee Blais
Thea Bracewell
Kristine Anne Hart
Alison Sarah Homer
Krisha Malik
Olayinka Ayodeji Ogundipe