Spring Convocation may be postponed, but we know there are great stories about this years’ graduates! The Convocation Working Group would like to share these stories with the Carleton community.

If you know of a student whose Carleton journey would make for a great story, please inform the convocation working group by completing the form below as soon as possible.

Examples of newsworthy stories may include students who:

  • overcame certain obstacles to obtain their degree (especially as a result of COVID-19, but is not limited to this circumstance),
  • completed their degree in unique circumstances
  • are student-athletes
  • are the first to graduate from a new program at Carleton
  • are the youngest/oldest in their family,
  • completed their degree while working at Carleton,
  • are high-achieving and/or community-minded, volunteered while completing their studies
  • have a unique Masters or PhD thesis/research

and so on…..

Please complete the form as soon as possible to tell us more about this special graduating student.
Note that it is not necessary to answer all of the questions if you do not know the answer.

If you have any questions, please send an email to convocationstories@cunet.carleton.ca.

Convocation Stories