Apply to Graduate

How to Apply

In order to graduate, you must first apply. You must have completed or be in the process of completing all requirements for your degree program.Click here: and login to make a formal application to graduate, under the heading “Student Online Applications”.

Once this is done, you are given the status of ‘Pending’ in Carleton Central. Your application has been received and your file is being assessed. Senate will meet to award degrees and you will receive an email following this meeting. Once Senate has awarded your degree, you have graduated and your status in Carleton Central will change to ‘Awarded’. Check your Carleton email frequently for official notification of graduation.

Meet your Program Requirements

Make sure to check your audit in Carleton Central to ensure all your program and degree requirements have been – or will be – satisfied by your expected graduation date. Contact your departmental advisor right away if there are any problems to be resolved.

Before the Ceremony

Check Dates for your Convocation

Make sure to check the date of your Convocation Ceremony on the Convocation Schedule page.The time of your ceremony will be confirmed in an email to your Carleton account following the Senate meeting.Students who graduate in February are automatically invited to attend the June ceremony.

Verify your Name

You should verify your name prior to graduating. Go into Carleton Central, Student Online Applications, choose Apply to Graduate. Your name is listed under “Display Name” and this is how it will appear on your diploma. If your legal name contains special characters like accents, raised characters or hyphens which you would like reflected on your diploma, please complete a Diploma Name Request form: and return to the Registrar’s Office located at 300 Tory Building. If you want to add or remove part of your legal name, you must complete a Legal Name Change Request form and provide supporting documentation as referenced on the form. The form is available at: and should be returned to the Registrar’s Office at 300 Tory Building.

Special Accommodations

If you are a graduand requiring special accommodations, please contact the Registrar’s Office at to discuss the details of the day’s ceremony.

Check your Student Account

Ensure that all outstanding tuition charges and any other fees or fines have been paid before the deadline in order for your graduation documentation to be released. Check your student account balance through Carleton Central at: Any inquiries should be directed to the Business Office at or by phone at 613-520-3626.

PH.D. Students

Ph.D. students wishing to be hooded by their supervisor are asked to contact their supervisor directly.

Day of Ceremony

Check the Schedule

Verify the date and time of your ceremony on the Convocation Schedule page. The time will also be sent to you in an email to your Carleton account.

Gown Pickup

Graduands are provided with academic gowns as part of the ceremony. Please see the schedule of pickup times below. Please return your gowns to either the Express Drop-Off Kiosks in the Ravens Nest or Norm Fenn Gym.

Morning Ceremony – pick up between 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. the day prior or before 9 a.m. the day of ceremony.

Afternoon Ceremony – pick up between 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on day of ceremony.

Arrival Time and Registration for your Ceremony

You must arrive early and register in the Norm Fenn Gymnasium for your ceremony to join the student line up. Registration is between 8:15 a.m. and 9 a.m. for the morning ceremony and, between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. for the afternoon ceremony. Students who do not register between these times may not be able to join the student procession. Please remember to bring your campus card for registration purposes. If you do not have your campus card, please have your student number ready with a form of ID when you arrive at the registration table.

If you have concerns with the pronunciation of your name, please self-identify when you register in the Norm Fenn Gymnasium.

During the Ceremony

Once you have crossed the stage and received your diploma, out of respect for the other graduates and their families, we request that you return to your seat until the full convocation ceremony has ended.

Leave Personal Belongings with a Guest

Graduands are not permitted to carry items during the ceremony. Please leave items such as purses and cameras with a guest. In the event that you are unable to leave your personal items with anyone, you can leave it at a coat check area located in the Norm Fenn Gymnasium, this is also where you pick up your gown and line-up for the procession. The area will be staffed until 5 p.m. and after this time, any unclaimed items will be brought to the Welcome Centre in Alumni Hall.

Electronic devices should be turned off during the ceremony.

Line-up Instructions

Graduands will line up based on surname and degree. You will be given instructions regarding the procession once you are at the Norm Fenn Gymnasium. Please note, guests will not be allowed in the Norm Fenn Gymnasium.

Professional Pictures

Grad Images will be on site to take individual photographs during the ceremony. These will be available for purchase about two weeks after Convocation. Proofs will be sent to your Carleton email account. If proofs are not received within one month following Convocation, please contact Grad Images at 1-800-372-3686 or through their website at If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, please advise the Registrar’s Office through your Carleton email.At Carleton University, we respect the need to protect private information. By attending the event, students waive all rights to privacy with respect to the use of their image and/or voice by Carleton University for promotional purposes. The use of such information complies with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Participants acknowledge that, by attending Convocation, their images and/or voices may be captured by photograph, videotape, audiotape, live webcasting or otherwise reproduced during the ceremonies and may later be used by Carleton University for promotional purposes. Participants agree that such reproduction and use does not constitute an unjustified invasion of their privacy.


Immediately following the ceremony, there will be a reception for you and your guests in the Ravens’ Nest (Alumni Hall).

After Convocation

Not Attending Convocation?

If you are unable to attend the ceremony, your diploma will be available for pick-up shortly after the ceremony in the Registrar’s Office (300 Tory Building) for a 2 week time period. Diplomas can be picked up with picture ID or by a third party with the Registrar’s Office Third Party Release Form: and acceptable ID.For Graduate Studies, your diploma will be available for pick-up in the Graduate Studies office (512 Tory Building) for one month following the ceremony.After that time, your diploma will be mailed to the mailing address listed on Carleton Central. Please review your address on Carleton Central at to ensure it is correct.

Professional Pictures and Video

The proofs from your graduation ceremony will be sent to your Carleton email account approximately two weeks after Convocation. If proofs are not received within one month following Convocation, please contact Grad Images at 1-800-372-3686 or through their website at A digital download of the ceremony will also be available for purchase here.

Lost and Found

Lost and found services will be located at the information tent in Alumni Hall. If you are inquiring after convocation, please contact the Registrar’s Office.