The Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science (MRIS) has officially launched the Round 9 of the Ontario Research Fund, Research Excellence (ORF-RE) program.  The program funds research of strategic value to Ontario by supporting new leading-edge, transformative, and internationally significant research. More precisely, it will help to fund the operational costs of large-scale transformative research of strategic value to the province. Typically, this program contributes towards personnel costs.

Streams and Funding

ORF-RE Round 9 has three application streams:

  1. General – open to all disciplines; (Funding from $1 Million minimum to $4Million maximum)
  2. Disruptive Technologies focused on Clean Technologies; (Funding from $1Million minimum to $4 Million maximum) and,
  3. Social, Sciences, Arts and Humanities. (Funding from $200,000 minimum to $1Million maximum)

NOI and applications can only be submitted to one stream.  The submission will be done by the Institution.

The ORF-RE program will fund eligible direct operating costs (including salaries and benefits and limited costs for facilities and equipment, management and administration), as well as a portion of indirect (overhead) costs. The program’s 1/3 contribution is inclusive of both direct and indirect cost support.

Submission and Guidelines

As ORF-REs are institutional applications that require significant investment and commitment from the Institution, proposals are expected to align with the strategic priorities of the University, the provincial and federal governments, as well as those listed in the competition guidelines .The program guidelines and both the NOI and Application forms will be available by end of March 2017 on the following website.

Mandatory Multiphase Process

  • Phase 1: Notice of Intent
    • Submission of a NOI is not binding and will not be assessed by the Ministry.  However, the NOI is a mandatory part of the review process as it allows the Ministry to commence the selection of appropriate external reviewers.
  • Phase 2: Full application
    • An Internal review will be undertaken before the submission.  The OVPRI will submit all approved full application packages to the Ministry.

Helpful Links

Information Session

The Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science will hold an information session on Friday, April 7 at 10 a.m. to noon at the University of Ottawa in Alex Trebek Alumni Hall (157 Séraphin Marion Private), room 116. Ministry representatives will present on current program guidelines and answer questions for all interested applicants.


NOI/Full Application:
CURO Internal Deadline for Review
  • April 21, 2017 (NOI)
  • September 18, 2017 (Full Application)
Submission to sponsor
  • May 2, 2017 (NOI)
  • September 25, 2017 (Full Application)

Internal Contacts

If you would like assistance with proposal development and/or a substantive review of your proposal, please contact the appropriate Research Facilitator or Flora Marguerite at the Research Office.