The goal of NSERC’s Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects (SPG-P) is to increase research and training in targeted areas that could strongly enhance Canada’s economy, society and/or environment within the next 10 years. Research and training under these grants must be conducted through a partnership between academic researchers and industry or government organizations.

It is expected that these grants will:

  • generate new knowledge/technology with the strong potential to strengthen Canada’s industrial base, generate wealth, create employment and/or influence Canadian public policy;
  • increase the number of highly qualified personnel in the specified target areas;
  • enable the transfer of knowledge/technology and expertise to Canadian-based companies that are well-positioned to apply the results for economic gain or to government organizations to strengthen public policy.

Strategic Partnership Grants for Projects (SPG‑P) fund early-stage project research in targeted areas. To be funded, a research project must meet the following requirements:

  • The project must support the goal of Strategic Partnership Grants and fall within one of the target areas.
  • The objectives and scope of the project must be well-defined. The duration may be from one to three years.
  • At least one academic researcher and at least one supporting organization must collaborate in the project.
  • The supporting organization must be actively involved in all stages of the project; therefore, in-kind contributions are required, but cash is not.

Newly implemented changes for this year’s application process:

  • Inclusion of a mandatory F183A for each supporting organization in the LOI application
  • LOI application process will require approval from the institution RGO prior to submission of the application to NSERC


Applicant and Co-applicants

  • Must hold, or have a firm offer of, an academic appointment at an eligible Canada university, for:
    • a tenured, tenure-track or life-time professor emeritus position; or
    • a term position of no less than three years

Funding Available

  • NSERC will fund direct costs of a 1-3-year project – maximum not specific
    • purchase of major equipment items or systems is limited to a maximum of $150,000

Useful Links

  • Full details (opportunity eligibility and application guidelines, etc.) SPG-P
    • *NSERC will be updating the information in early December – please check the website periodically for any changes
  • SPG-P Project Information and Requirements


CORIS Internal Review Please contact your Research Facilitator
 cuResearch Checklist  January 25, 2018
 Submission to Sponsor
  • February 01, 2018 (LOI)
  • June 07, 2017 (Full application, if invited)

Submitting Your Application

  • Applications must be submitted via cuResearch, through which the Departmental Chair and Associate Dean’s approval must be provided to complete the online application process.
  • More information on cuResearch can be found here.

Internal Contacts

If you would like assistance with proposal development and/or a substantive review of your proposal, please contact the appropriate Research Facilitator.