The goal of this opportunity from the Rapid Response: Canada program is to provide novel, high-risk, high-reward, translational research that research will accelerate the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases of aging.

The Parkinson’s & related diseases that are focused on in this opportunity are:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Progressive supranuclear palsy
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies
  • Multiple system atrophy
  • Vascular contributions to the above
  • Prodromes to the above

Information Webinar: October 10, 2017, 1 pm ET (registration required via link)


  • Principal applicants must be at or above the level of postdoctoral researcher at a CRA qualified institution located in Canada.
  • Project must involve the development of a therapeutic, and/or a tool to help accelerate the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases of aging

Available Funding

  • up to $200,000 over up to 18 months

Useful Links

Deadlines- LOI

 CORIS Deadline for Internal Review  Please contact your Research Facilitator 
 cuResearch Checklist Deadline  November 27, 2017
 Submission to Sponsor  December 04, 2017 2:00 pm ET

Submitting Your Checklist Application

  • Checklists must be submitted via cuResearch, through which Departmental and Associate Dean’s approval must be provided to complete the online application process.
  • More information on cuResearch can be found here.

Internal Contacts

If you would like assistance with proposal development and/or a substantive review of your proposal, please contact the appropriate Research Facilitator.

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