The International Research Seed Grants are designed to enable researchers to create new international research partnerships. The purpose is to provide seed funding that will encourage the development of innovative, globally-focused research initiatives and lay the foundation for long-term international partnerships. Awards will support the development of new global academic research linkages leading to international collaborative funding proposals and projects.


  • All full-time faculty of professorial rank (Assistant, Associate, Full).
  • Applications from Adjunct Research Professors will be considered in exceptional cases.
  • Each application should describe a single project; applications that include more than one project will be returned.

Funding Available

  • Maximum amount: Up to 5 projects will be funded at CAD$10,000/project
  • Project duration: A maximum of 12 months
  • Eligible expenses include travel costs for Carleton and/or international partner institutional personnel, including research, meetings, and communications costs or other costs associated with partnership development; expenses associated with the development of funding proposals in collaboration with the international partner(s).
  • Ineligible expenses include ongoing operations, capital equipment, administration of personnel costs of existing projects or initiatives; costs for initiatives that have alternative sources of funding; teaching releases; and expenses (such as travel and administration) on behalf of other Canadian universities.
  • Applications to fund existing projects with established international partners are ineligible

Helpful Links


Full Application:
cuResearch Approval Form March 15, 2019

Submitting Your Application

  • Applications must be submitted via cuResearch, through which Departmental and Associate Dean’s approval must be provided to complete the online application process.
  • More information on cuResearch can be found here.
  • Please complete your checklist well in advance and submit to your Chair/Directors and ADRs even if you have only a draft proposal. Once your proposal is complete, please send them to your research facilitators or Heloise Emdon before the end of Friday, March 15, 2019 to ensure that they have time to upload your proposal into Romeo.

Internal Contacts

Should you have any questions regarding the International Research Seed Grant application or the submission process through cuResearch, please contact Gabriela Moreno, International Projects Administrator.

If you would like assistance with proposal development and/or a substantive review of your proposal, please contact Heloise Emdon, International Projects Manager.