The Fellowship Program is designed to encourage and foster excellence in research that relates to the Bank’s core functions.

  • It promotes collaboration and partnerships between Bank researchers and leading academics at Canadian post-secondary institutions.
  • It also contributes to the education and development of Canada’s researchers in fields related to the Bank’s core functions.

See the Bank’s current research priorities.

The Fellowship Program offers two awards.

Fellowship Award

Annual research grants and expense allowances for a term of up to five years.

Governor’s Award

Annual research grants for a term of up to two years.


Nominees are required to:

  • be Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, or be otherwise legally permitted to work in Canada
  • conduct and support research in Canada (nominations where the majority of the research is in Canada could also be considered)
  • have obtained a PhD within ten years of their nomination
  • be employed by a Canadian university in an associate or assistant professor position during the term of the Award

Funding Available

Fellowship Award

The award is for a term of up to five years and consists of these annual payments, subject to an annual review and confirmation process:

  • a $50,000 research grant
  • a $40,000 research expense allowance for related research expenses and for research assistants
  • a sum of $5,000 for the university to administer the award funds

Governor’s Award

The award consists of a $30,000 annual research grant for a term of up to two years, subject to an annual review and confirmation process.

Internal Contacts

For proposal development/substantive review, please contact your Research Facilitator.


Faculty Deadline Consult your Faculty Research Facilitator.
OVPRI Deadline (Approval Form and Application) November 23, 2021.
Submission to Sponsor November 30, 2021

Submitting Your Application

  • Step 1) Submit an internal Carleton Approval Form
    Submit an internal Approval Form through our central awards management database CUResearch:
    For a user’s guide on submitting an Approval Form, click here.
  • Step 2) Submit an external application to the granting agency
    Submit an external application to the corresponding grant or award agency. For further details about funding categories, eligibility criteria and deadlines for this opportunity, click here.