As part of Canada’s National Strategy for the Protection of Species at Risk, the Government of Canada established the Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP) for Species at RiskFootnote 1 in 2000. The goal of the HSP is to contribute to the recovery of endangered, threatened, and other species at risk by engaging Canadians from all walks of life in conservation actions to benefit wildlife.

In sum, the HSP for Aquatic Species at Risk is committed to supporting Canadians in their efforts to help protect and recover aquatic species at risk; it is intended to not only remove human threats to the habitats of aquatic species at risk but also to support their recovery and protect them in the future, so that the benefits of these efforts will be sustained for generations to come.

The expected results of the Program are:

  • Aquatic species at risk important habitat is improved and/or managed to meet their recovery needs
  • Threats to aquatic species at risk and/or their habitat are stopped, removed, and/or mitigated
  • Collaboration and partnerships support the conservation and recovery of aquatic species at risk


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Funding Available

The Program does not have a maximum funding limit. However, typical HSP contributions can range from $25,000 to $100,000.

Internal Contacts

Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss this funding opportunity by emailing the following contact(s) as soon as possible: Lesley Gallivan and their Research Facilitator.


Faculty Deadline Consult your Faculty Research Facilitator.
OVPRI Deadline (Approval Form and Application) December 10, 2021
Submission to Sponsor November 12, 2021 (Expression of Interest)

December 17, 2021 (Full Proposal Submission)

Submitting Your Application

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  • Step 2) Submit an external application to the granting agency
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