Funder’s website

The funder’s website can be found HERE.

Funding Value and Duration

Grants are usually within the $25,000 to $80,000 range for 1-2 years.


Grants are made to assist biomedical scientists of various departments and faculties in Ontario universities, hospitals and scientific institutions concerned with medical research. These grants may be distributed among medical research institutes and universities in Ontario.

The online application may be submitted from any medically oriented university faculty. These may be within the health sciences department of a university, or any faculty of that university.

Medical institutes within a university or hospital must be approved to apply independently; otherwise they must apply through the university or hospital research office. Independent research institutes may apply directly.

NOTE: One application may be submitted by a qualified institution by April 30th  for the annual competition.

Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation will use the following criteria in assessing applications:

  1. Projects must have scientific merit and be primarily medical in nature.
  2. New researchers seeking start up grants receive priority.
  3. New, innovative projects receive priority.
  4. Applications submitted should most suitably fit the institutions’ requirements and the Foundation’s criteria.
  5. Supplemental grants may only be made for equipment essential to the described project where main source funding for equipment is unobtainable. For equipment costing more than $10,000 indicate the use, extent of use, availability of similar equipment and the current operating support.
  6. Grants are usually within the $25,000 to $80,000 range.
  7. Grants are not made to cover deficits, or to supplement a project grant from another granting agency (except for essential equipment).

Internal Contacts

Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss this funding opportunity with their Faculty Research Facilitator.

VPRI Resource Contact: Sarah Adams and Rachel Hirsch


Expressions of Interest (EOI) are due by March 31st and are to be submitted to Sarah Adams with the following elements:

  • Application Title
  • Applicant’s Name, Department
  • Copy of most recent CV in any format
  • Abstract of Proposed Research – Provide a 100-300 word abstract of your research proposal written in clear, plain language. Include:
    • Clear research objectives
    • A description of how your project is new and innovative
Faculty Deadline Consult your Faculty Research Facilitator.
OVPRI Deadline (Approval Form and Application) April 21, 2023
Submission to Sponsor April 30 (Application Submitted by OVPRI)

Submitting Your Application

  • Step 1) Submit an internal Carleton Approval Form
    Submit an internal Approval Form through our central awards management database CUResearch:
    For a user’s guide on submitting an Approval Form, click HERE.
  • Step 2) Submit an external application to the granting agency
    OVPRI/CORIS team will submit application on behalf of applicant.