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The funder’s website can be found HERE.

Funding Value and Duration

$1,000,000 per year for 1 to 4 years.


In support of Canada’s Small Modular Reactor Action Plan, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) is partnering with NRCan to fund research on SMRs. As stated in Budget 2022: “Support to develop this technology can position Canada as a clean energy leader; support the decarbonization of provincial electricity grids in places like New Brunswick and Saskatchewan; facilitate the transition away from diesel power in remote communities; and help decarbonize heavy emitting industries.”

The objectives of this partnership are to:

  • generate new knowledge to support policy- and decision-making related to small modular reactors (SMRs) in Canada’s nuclear industry, as well as to support the objectives of This link will take you to another Web site Canada’s SMR Action Plan
  • enhance the capabilities of Canadian universities to undertake research related to SMRs
  • increase training and help produce a new generation of nuclear scientists, engineers and policy makers

Proposed research projects must address at least one of the following research objectives specific to the SMR technologies being pursued in Canada. (Excerpt by objective):

  • Robust supply chains for SMRs
  • SMR fuel supply
  • Radioactive waste management and minimization for SMRs

Eligibility Criteria


The principal investigator on an application. Leads the direction of the proposed research/activities, as well as coordinates the financial and administrative aspects of the application and grant.


Member of a research group applying for a team grant. May lead some of the proposed research/activities.

Collaborators or participants may take part in a research team but will not have access to grant funds. Must be qualified to undertake research independently and will be expected to contribute to the overall intellectual direction of the research project or program of research. Refer to specific funding opportunities for detailed eligibility requirements.

Internal Contacts

Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss this funding opportunity with their Faculty Research Facilitator.

VPRI Resource Contact: Chris Lannon


Faculty Deadline Consult your Faculty Research Facilitator.
OVPRI Deadline (Approval Form and Application) August 8, 2023
Submission to Sponsor April 11, 2023 (EOI)

August 15, 2023 (Application)

Submitting Your Application

  • Step 1) Submit an internal Carleton Approval Form
    Submit an internal Approval Form through our central awards management database CUResearch:
    For a user’s guide on submitting an Approval Form, click HERE.
  • Step 2) Submit an external application to the granting agency
    Submit an external application to the corresponding grant or award agency. To navigate to the funder’s website, click HERE