Performance Objectives – 2016-17

Expenditure category

Output (investment or expense of RSF grant funds)

Performance objective

Performance indicator

Target Outcome

Reported Outcome

Research facilities

Portion of RSF funds allocated to support the ongoing maintenance and operations of research facilities on campus

Construction of the new Health Sciences Building

Percentage of the construction project completed during the reporting period

Majority of work completed during fiscal year

The majority of the work has been completed and building will be open this fall.  The Departments of Health Science and Neuroscience will move into the building over the course of the fall term.

Research resources

Portion of RSF funds allocated to the library services

Maintain support to research resources

Number of active users accessing library online content

Increase from 2015-16 in terms of active users.

 A new submission model provided improved visibility to over 790 open access works (compared with 180 in the previous year). The new approach doubled the number of individual faculty whose open access works were contributed over the previous year’s number. Usage: over 1.6M E-journal downloads and 1M library website visits.

Management and administration of an institution’s research enterprise

Portion of RSF funds allocated to this expense category

Increase in the grants and agreements processed in the fiscal year

Number of grants and agreements processed

Increase in Carleton’s success rate in major competitions

 There was an increase in the numbers of grants and agreements processed from 837 (2015-2016) to 900 (2016-2017). Carleton achieved increases in SSHRC funding this year, compared to last year.  12% higher than National average for Insight Grants & 10% higher than National Average for Insight Development grants.

Regulatory requirements and accreditation

Portion of RSF funds allocated to Carleton’s  compliance and regulatory functions

Simplify and streamline the research compliance portfolio to increase capacity for ongoing management and monitoring through the process

Development of post-approval monitoring framework

Implementation of the monitoring framework

 A new Director has been hired, and the two Ethics boards have now been brought together within one monitoring system

Intellectual property

Portion of RSF funds allocated to this category

Increase in the number of tools available online to faculty for partnerships and IP management Number of tools available online to faculty for partnerships and IP management

Increase in number of resources available from 2015-16

 Delivered two workshops: Intellectual Property Basics: CIPO for Faculty and Students and Patent 101: CIPO for Faculty/Students. Creation of the Carleton Innovation Transfer Office (CITO). Production of technology disclosure forms, available online.