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Research Funding Opportunities and Events Newsletter

Upcoming Research Funding Opportunities

Social Sciences and Humanities
Sept 11, 2019 Economic and Social Research Council – Open Research Area For the Social Sciences 2019
Sept 12, 2019 SSHRC-  Canada-UK Artificial Intelligence Initiative
Sept 15, 2019 SSHRC – Partnership Engage Grants
Oct 15, 2019 SSHRC Insight Grants
Oct 15, 2019 SSHRC – Joint Initiative for Digital Citizen Research
Nov 1, 2019 SSHRC – Connection Grant
Nov 1, 2019 SSHRC – Research Data Management Capacity Building Initiative
Nov 15, 2019 SSHRC Partnership Development Grants
Natural Sciences and Engineering
Oct 25, 2019 NSERC Research Tools and Instruments Program
No Deadline NSERC Alliance Grants – Option 1
Health Research
Sept 2, 2019 Vichy – Exposome Grant
Sept 5, 2019 CIHR – Operating Grant : Data Analysis Using Existing Databases and Cohorts
Sept 10, 2019 CIHR – SGBA+ Health Policy – Research Partnerships
Sept 11, 2019 CIHR – Project Grant: Fall 2019
Sept 17, 2019 CIHR – Operating Grant: Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Socio-Economic Burden of Inherited Disease
Sept 25, 2019 Canadian Blood Services / CIHR Early Career Investigator Award in Transfusion Science
Sept 27, 2019 Health Research Foundation – Artificial Intelligence Health Research Fellowships
Oct 1, 2019 CIHR Fellowship
Oct 8, 2019 CIHR – Team Grant: Personalized Health (Letter of Intent)
Oct 18, 2019 Ontario Pork – Call for Research 2020 (Letter of Intent)
Feb 5, 2020 CIHR – Project Grant: Spring 2020 (Registration Deadline)
No Deadline PHAC – Multi-sectoral Partnerships to Promote Healthy Living and Prevent Chronic Disease
No Deadline Weston Brain Institute – Big Ideas: Canada
No Deadline Weston Brain Institute – Postdoctoral Scholars at Oxford
All/Multiple Disciplines
Aug 28, 2019 Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute – Programme Development Grant
Aug 28, 2019 Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute – Collaborative Research Grant
Aug 28, 2019 Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute – Publication Grant
Aug 30, 2019 U.S. Department of State – U.S. Mission to Canada Public Affairs Grants Program
Sept 1, 2019 NRCan – The Environmental Studies Research Fund – Research Call on Atlantic Salmon
Sept 16, 2019 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation – Guggenheim Fellowships – United States and Canada Competion
Sept 18, 2019 Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program (Bantings)
Sept 20, 2019 Ontario Research Fund: Research Excellence
Sept 27, 2019 Canadian Space Agency – Human Analog Studies
Oct 31, 2019 FAPESP – Sao Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration
No Deadline Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission – Participant Funding Program


1) Development of the CIHR Standards of Practice for Peer Review

Following a comprehensive consultation process, we have developed the CIHR Standards of Practice for Peer Review (SPPR) agreement in collaboration with the College Chairs.

The new SPPR promotes transparency and provide peer reviewers with added support by clearly outlining responsibilities and expectations. The SPPR will be added to the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality task in ResearchNet, and peer review committee executives and members will be expected to consent to the SPPR in order to participate in peer review.

We have also published the Reviewer Quality Feedback form to further promote transparency in the review quality assurance process. This form will be used by CIHR to collect information on the performance of reviewers throughout the peer review process, and to highlight reviewers that are outstanding, or those that may need additional support. The specific criteria that CIHR will use to measure performance can be found on our new Review Quality Assurance Process page.

CIHR will be implementing recognition strategies for those reviewers that exemplify outstanding peer reviewer qualities, as well as supportive measures for those reviewers that would benefit from reminders of peer review best practices or from mentorship by their peers.

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the review quality assurance process, please contact the College of Reviewers:

Upcoming Events

NSERC Discovery Grant Workshop

When: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM
Where: 201 Paterson Hall

More Information →

CIHR – Project Grant: Fall 2019 Webinar 2

When: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 1:00 PM

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SSHRC Insight Grant Budget Workshop

When: Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 2:00 PM
Where: Discovery Centre, Room 482 MacOdrum Library

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