Subawards (also known as subcontracts, transfers of funds, inter-institutional agreements, etc.) transfer a portion of the awarded research funding from the Lead Institution to the Collaborating Institution/sub-recipient.


In cases where Carleton is the Lead Institution (e.g., a Carleton professor is the grant/contract holder), a Subaward Agreement will have to be executed through the Research Office before any payments to the Collaborating Institution can be processed.

In order to streamline the subaward process, all requests for subaward agreements will now be made through cuResearch. Click here for a step-by-step user’s manual on how to request a subaward through cuResearch.


In cases where Carleton is the sub-recipient, a Subaward Agreement will have to be executed through the Lead Institution’s research office before they are able to release Carleton’s portion of the project funds.

The Subaward Agreement should be sent directly to CORIS for review and signature. Should you receive this document from the PI/PI’s research office, please forward it along to the appropriate Research Office representative:

Tri-Agency: Madeleine Ibrahim

Industry: Gabriela Moreno (IPS)

Government: Thierno Sow (IPS)

International: Heloise Emdon (Carleton International)

All Other Sponsors: Christine Rivas