Andrew Sneddon

Andrew Sneddon is an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa. His current research is focusing on equality and physician assisted suicide, the relationship between moral theory and ethical particularism, and a longer study on the nature of amoralism. He has work in progress on the ethics of acquiring organs for transplantation, a defense of utilitarianism against the charge that it leads to problematic kinds of alienation, and an answer to two prevalent objections to moral sensitivity theories. His forthcoming and recent publications include “Naturalistic Study of Culture”: forthcoming in Culture and Psychology, 9(1) (Jan. 2003), “Towards Externalist Psychopathology”: forthcoming in Philosophical Psychology, Vol. 15, No. 3 (Sept. 2002), “Semanticity: Which Way To Turn?”: Philosophia, Vol. 29 Nos. 1-4 (May 2002), pp. 211-239, and “Does Philosophy of Action Rest on a Mistake?”, Metaphilosophy, Vol. 33: 5 (Oct, 2001), pp. 502-522.

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