Colin Macleod

Colin Macleod, B.A. (Queens), M.A. (Dalhousie), Ph.D. (Cornell) is an Associate Professor in Law and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Victoria. His research focuses on issues in contemporary moral, political and legal theory with a special focus on the following topics: (1) distributive justice and equality (2) children, families and justice and (3) democratic ethics. He is the author of Liberalism, Justice, and Markets: A Critique of Liberal Equality (OUP 1998) and co-editor with David Archard of The Moral and Political Status of Children (OUP 2002). His articles have appeared in The Chicago-Kent Law Review, Theory and Research in Education, Politics and Society, The Canadian Journal of Philosophy, The Canadian Journal for Law and Jurisprudence, Law and Philosophy, and Dialogue.

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