Edwin Levy



Edwin Levy recently retired as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development of the biotechnology company QLT. He joined QLT In 1987 first in regulatory affairs and project management. In Corporate Development he had major responsibility for establishing QLT’s strategic alliances, led strategic planning, and oversaw the intellectual property area. Moreover, as a senior manager, he played a significant role in building QLT into one North America’s leading biotechnology companies. From 1967-87, he was a member of the Philosophy department at the University of British Columbia, teaching the philosophy of science, specifically The Interpretations of Quantum Theory and Quantum Logic, as well as Ethical and Political Implications of Science and Technology. On several occasions, he acted as the administrative head of the philosophy department, and the coordinator of the committee on science, technology and social studies. Since 1970, he has been well published, the most recent of which is entitled. Quantification, Mandated Science and Judgment, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, 32:4, (2001). Currently he is an adjunct professor in UBC Centre for Applied Ethics and he serves on the Boards of BIOTECanada, BC Civil Liberties association, and several biotechnology companies. He serves as a member of the health sector advisory committee to the Federal Minister of Industry and Trade.

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