Ian Kerr


Ian R. Kerr is an associate professor of law and Canada Research Chair in Ethics, Law and Technology at the University of Ottawa. He is a past recipient of the Bank of Nova Scotia Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, the University of Western Ontario’s Faculty of Graduate Studies’ Award of Teaching Excellence, the Professor of the Year at Western’s Faculty of Law, as well as several prestigious fellowships and research grants. He currently teaches in the areas of Internet Law, Law & Technology, Contract Law, and Legal Theory. His primary areas of interest lie at the intersection of Media, Technology, Private Law and Applied Ethics. He has published writings in academic books and journals on Ethics and Electronic Information, Internet Regulation, E-Commerce, Internet Service Providers, Online Defamation, Pre-natal Injuries, Unwanted Pregnancies, and the Judicial Use of Legal Fictions. His current program of research focuses on electronic commerce and other legal and ethical issues in multi-media, including work on Internet service provider liability, the ethics of automation, the legal ramifications for businesses who use automated software devices, contract formation in cyberspace, and online defamation. He sits as a member on the Advisory Board for Butterworths’ Canadian Internet and E-Commerce Law Newsletter and is co-writing a textbook for Prentice Hall on The Legal Aspects of Doing Business.

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