Michael R. Smith


Michael Smith is Professor of Sociology at McGill University. His research is concerned with labour markets. Recent and current work deals with: large claims about the effects on labour markets of globalization and technological change; the relative earnings of visible minority immigrants and the implications for policy of findings from research on their relative earnings; and the properties of performance of so-called ëhigh performance work organizations’. Relatively recent publications include: “La mondialisation: a-t-elle un effet important sur le marchè du travail dansles pays riches?” In Daniel Mercure (ed.), Une sociètè monde? Les dynamiques sociales de la mondialisation, Quèbec: Presses de l’Universitè Laval, 2001: 201-214; Michael R. Smith, “High performance work organizations in theory and practice,” Global Business and Economics Review, Vol.4, 2002: 187-204; and “The analysis of labor markets in Canadian sociology,” American Sociologist. Vol.33, 2002: 105-125.

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