Richard Pereira

Richard Pereira is an economist and researcher whose primary interests are labour studies, ecological economics and co-operative economics. His research has been recognized by the Progressive Economics Forum (PEF: (, which includes over 125 economists working in universities, the labour movement and research organizations, with the 2010 Graduate Essay prize. He has studied the co-operative economy of northern Italy at the University of Bologna ( Masters Program in Co-operative Economics. It is the most highly evolved co-operative economy in the world in which one-third of the economy is based on a participatory democratic organizational model, and much of the rest of the economy is comprised of independent micro-enterprises closely linked to the co-op sector, resulting in high levels of quality production, quality control and one of the most prosperous regional economies in Europe. Recently, he has helped develop the Canadian chapter of BIEN ( – Basic Income Earth Network ( – and his work increasingly explores the changing nature of the commons, our social commonwealth and ethical approaches to its preservation and sustainable universal distribution.

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