Stephen Maguire

Dr. Stephen Maguire is Executive Director of the Centre on Values and Ethics at Carleton University.  He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Certificate Program in Organizational Values and Ethics, a program designed for ethics officers in the private and public sectors.  He is a core faculty member in Carleton’s new doctoral program in Ethics and Public Affairs.

Dr. Maguire’s research focuses on organizational influences on ethical behaviour.  His published articles include topics such as ethical reflections on the discourse of control of employees, the importance of context in decision-making, the ethics of ethics codes, the influence of professed national values on national culture and professionalism in policing.  His most recent research includes “Why Police Report Professional Misconduct” (Anti-Corruption Conference at the University of Cayman Islands March 2014) and “How to Encourage Reporting of Professional Misconduct” (Police Chief Magazine, Dec. 2015).

Dr. Maguire is the lead researcher on the Professionalism in Policing Research Project.  He has presented his research in Canada, the United States, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, and India.  His current research includes developing an agency wide approach to ethics for York Regional Police, and a second national Professionalism in Policing Survey that launched November 2015 at Regina Police Service.

Dr. Maguire is a member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Ethics Committee, the Corporate Ethics Management Council, the Standing Committee on Ethical Matters at Interpol, and a former member of the National Advisory Committee on Ethics at Corrections Services Canada.

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