1. Access and Safety On Campus
  2. Screening Requirement
  3. Vaccination Attestation Requirement
    1. Third-Dose Booster
    2. Additional Booster Doses
    3. Leave For Vaccination
  4. Tips for Working Remotely
  5. Teaching Online Resources
  6. Mail Services and Central Receiving
  7. Wellness Resources
  8. Concerned About a Student?

Accessing Campus Information

As a community, we are navigating uncharted waters together. We are all quickly adapting to working remotely, but this situation calls on us to connect in new ways, as employees, as learners, and as humans. It is especially important to do so in ways that reaffirm our community values of innovation, flexibility, compassion, and evidence-based action.

Access and Safety On Campus

Screening Requirement

Remaining vigilant and not coming to campus when sick or with symptoms is critically important. Although no longer required, it is recommended that individuals continue to complete the COVID-19 Screening Self-Assessment. This should be completed each day you plan to come to campus.

Vaccination Attestation Requirement

Proof of vaccination is no longer required to access campus or participate in in-person Carleton activities. However, it may become necessary to bring back proof of vaccination requirements on short notice if the situation and public health advice changes. Everyone must attest to their vaccination status and if vaccinated, upload proof of vaccination and subsequent booster doses in cuScreen.

We strongly recommend that all members of the Carleton community get a full course of vaccination, including booster doses as soon as they are eligible, and submit their booster dose information in cuScreen as soon as possible.

Third-Dose Booster

We strongly recommend that all members of the Carleton community get their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Individuals now have the option to report their booster vaccination status in cuScreen. In order to report a booster vaccination status, individuals must first report their first and second dose information which must be verified by the Carleton verification team.

Individuals must upload a copy of their enhanced vaccine certificate or related document in PDF format. Please do not include any special characters such as a “#” in the name of the file when uploading your proof of vaccination to cuScreen.

Additional Booster Doses

We strongly recommend that all members of the Carleton community get subsequent booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they are eligible. At this time, cuScreen can only accommodate the third-dose booster. We are working with the vendor to implement the ability to allow individuals to add a fourth-dose booster.

Leave For Vaccination

To support all Carleton employees in getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Carleton will be providing up to two hours of leave for each of your vaccination appointments including boosters.

Tips for Working Remotely

Teaching Online Resources

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) has developed resources to help support course instructors as they transition to teaching in an online environment. 

Mail Services and Central Receiving

Due to limited office access, Mail Services (T31) continues to act as centralized receiving for all incoming mail.

Couriers will not make deliveries to individual campus locations (other than FMP, ITS Hardware Services, Residence, and Science Stores). Science Stores will continue to remain open and accept all perishable items. If you have perishable goods being delivered to campus, you may direct the courier to deliver the item to Science Stores located at 118 Steacie Building. Please contact science-stores@carleton.ca to inform them about your delivery. Hazardous materials such as chemicals, radiological, biohazardous materials, gases, etc. should be delivered to Science Stores.

Mail Services Operations Updates

Please note that mail addressed to Carleton University must not leave the Carleton campus. If you have any questions, please contact Mail Services at extension 4300 or Kathleen.Kelly@carleton.ca.

Wellness Resources

Core to its values, Carleton is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and supportive environment that is based on respect, equality, collegiality, recognition and safety.

Concerned About a Student?

If you are concerned about a student, you can submit a Care Report to document their concern and solicit feedback and/or follow up, if necessary. The team in the Office of Student Affairs is monitoring Care Report submissions daily. Outreach, support, and referrals will be provided expeditiously through robust online mechanisms and over the phone.

Care Report