1. Screening Requirement
  2. Individual Building Floor Plans
    1. Dunton Tower (DT)
    2. Loeb (LA)
    3. Paterson (PA)
    4. St. Patrick’s (SP)
    5. Social Science Research Building (SR)
    6. VSIM (VS)
    7. Richcraft Hall (RH)
  3. Access to Campus
  4. COVID-19 Training Completion Required
  5. Personal Safety Equipment and Supplies
  6. Office Space Safety
  7. Building Safety Requirements
    1. Swipe Card Access
  8. Questions

As of August 11, 2020, restricted access to individual faculty offices is permitted in the areas listed below. It is understood that a faculty member choosing to return to campus for the individual use of their office is on a voluntary basis.

The reopening of Carleton University’s buildings have been prioritized based on the need and the capacity of the University to meet public health guidelines within accessible areas. The University must consider operational, academic, and research needs in this prioritization. The following buildings and floors have been identified by the Deans as areas required to support the academic mission of the University.

Screening Requirement

Under Orders from the Government of Ontario and guidance from Public Health Ontario and Ottawa Public Health, Carleton University is required to implement COVID-19 screening for all employees (including faculty, contract instructors, staff and teaching/research assistants), students, and visitors.

The short COVID-19 Daily Campus Access & Screening Form must be completed each day you plan to enter a Carleton University building.

COVID-19 Daily Campus Access & Screening Form

Individual Building Floor Plans

Individual building plans are provided so one can review building access points and approved washroom locations. Please note: while only certain floor plans are listed below, offices on other floors may be accessed. These will however not have washrooms available.

Dunton Tower (DT)

Loeb (LA)

Paterson (PA)

St. Patrick’s (SP)

Social Science Research Building (SR)


Richcraft Hall (RH)

It is expected that when a faculty member accesses their office they will comply with the requirements listed below to support their safety while on campus and the safety of Carleton’s community.

Access to Campus

Faculty members are required to complete the COVID-19 Daily Campus Access & Screening Form on each day they plan to come to campus and enter a university building. Faculty members who require access to their office for longer than 1 hour, and who do not have pre-approved access, may request access through the Dean or relevant approver as part of the Building Access Request form. If the office to be accessed does not allow for access through campus card readers, the faculty member needs to contact Campus Safety Services (CSS) to gain access to the building. You may be required to show proof of your successful COVID-19 Screening Result (either on your mobile device or a printed copy) to CSS in order to be allowed into the building.

All faculty members must follow any additional approval processes and protocols that have been put in place within your unit, department or Faculty. Please consult with your, supervisor, manager, Dean or relevant approver for more information.

COVID-19 Training Completion Required

All faculty members are required to complete the COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control Training prior to coming on to campus. They must also familiarize themselves with Carleton’s Mask Policy.

You will be required to indicate that you have completed the training in the COVID-19 Reporting System prior to being allowed to submit the required COVID-19 Daily Campus Access & Screening Form.

Personal Safety Equipment and Supplies

Faculty members can obtain personal care kits, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and hand sanitizer by ordering through eShop. Materials ordered through eShop will be delivered to the individual office of the faculty member who has placed the order.

Personal care kits are also available from the Faculty of Science Stores by emailing science-stores@carleton.ca. Alternatively, employees can obtain their own supplies (face coverings, hand sanitizer, cleaning, and disinfecting supplies).

As there may not be an authorized use washroom on each floor in a building, or in proximity, or hand sanitizer stations may not yet be installed, all faculty members must carry individual bottles of hand sanitizer with them at all times.

Office Space Safety

  • Access to offices is only permitted between normal university operating hours, 0800-1630 Monday to Friday.
  • Access is only permitted to the faculty member’s office and movement shall be limited to that office space.
  • Physical distancing should be maintained at all times and in all buildings.
  • Only one (1) person per office is permitted at a time.
  • Each faculty member will be responsible for cleaning their individual office.
  • Should a faculty member either suspect or confirm that they have the COVID-19 virus, they must report it to the University.

Building Safety Requirements

  • Consult the applicable building plan (listed above) for building specifics, such as open access doors and washrooms.
  • Access to the tunnels has been restricted to authorized individuals only and those with approval to use the tunnels for accessibility purposes. Please avoid using the tunnels at all times. Access requests should be directed to your supervisor/Dean as part of your approval to be on campus. The supervisor/Dean will submit your tunnel access approval to covidinfo@carleton.ca.
  • Faculty members must adhere to the information provided on all installed signage in or on each building. It is imperative that no general area be used or that faculty members move to any other location in the designated building without the authorization from their Dean. Please use the elevators only (except in emergencies) versus stairs.
  • Only designated washrooms (see building plans) are to be used as not all washrooms are being cleaned with the required frequency at the present time. As such, each building will have at least two (2) sets of washrooms that can be used.
  • Only water fountains with automatic water bottle filling are to be used.

Swipe Card Access

For buildings with swipe card access, one can review if they have access to the building in Carleton Central under the Personal Information tab. In the Campus Card bullet of that tab click the CampusCard Web Center link. Once on the CampusCard Web Card Centre page, select the tab Access Privileges at the top. This action sequence produces a page summarizing all access assignments one has at Carleton. If one does not have the required access, please contact your Dean.


If you have any questions or require additional clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact your Dean.