The mandate of the Carleton University Flexible Arrangements (CUFA) working group is to build a flexible work framework that meets the operational needs of the organization while providing administrative staff members with options that improve work/life balance. This framework will need to address the necessary flexibility required by the gradual return to campus following the pandemic and ongoing flexibility in our ongoing post-pandemic future.

Working Group Composition

  • Andrea Lawrence, Director, CORIS
  • Cindy Taylor, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Debbie Orme-Rego, Director Staff and Labour Relations (Professional Services)
  • Gail Atwill, Administrative Officer, Faculty of Science
  • Gary Nower, Assistant Vice-President, Facilities Management and Planning
  • Gilles Monast, Manager, Library Administrative Services
  • Jen Sugar, Director of Admissions
  • Laura Storey, Director Housing and Residence Life Services
  • Lorraine Dyke, Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning)
  • Marc Dabros, Assistant Vice-President, Information Technology Services and CIO
  • Patrick Lyons, Director Teaching and Learning
  • Sal Ugarte, Emergency Management Officer
  • Samah Sabra, Professional Development Officer, Office of Quality Initiatives
  • Sharon Johnston, Administrative Officer, FPA
  • Terrence Odin, Assistant Director (Infrastructure and Renewal), Human Resources

For more information on this working group and for updates, please visit the Carleton University Flexible Arrangements (CUFA) working group website.