1. Internal Departmental Space Cleaning
  2. Garbage and Recycling
  3. Custodial Cleaning Frequencies

Facilities Management and Planning (FMP) will continue to clean public spaces (e.g. corridors, elevators, washrooms) with enhanced frequency and will concentrate additional efforts on high-touch services and common spaces where staff, faculty and students are working and studying. FMP will continue to evaluate and assess cleanable spaces to maintain public health cleaning guidelines.

FMP’s robust cleaning strategy includes:

  • Targeted service areas
  • Emergency response
  • Focused disinfectant program
  • Specialized cleaning technologies and equipment.

FMP has made improvements to pre-COVID-19 custodial staffing levels:

  • 31% increase during the summer term, when occupancy is lower
  • 67% increase during fall and winter terms when Campus is open to in-person classes

Internal Departmental Space Cleaning

Custodial staff are cleaning internal departmental spaces (such as departmental offices, administration offices, graduate offices and teaching assistant offices) on a weekly basis.

Employees are responsible to wipe down their personal workstation (including desk surface, chair, keyboard, computer peripherals, etc.).

High-touch shared equipment within offices and departmental spaces such as photocopiers, fridges and microwaves are not cleaned by custodial staff and should be wiped down by employees with disinfectant before and after use.

Please review our cleaning and disinfection website for cleaning and disinfection guidelines.

Individual office spaces are cleaned by custodial staff with varying frequencies depending on serviceability. Should a department or unit require a change in the service of these spaces, a service request can be made with the FMP Service Centre (613-520-3668, fmp.service.centre@carleton.ca) and FMP will review the requirements and work with the department or unit to reach a solution.

Garbage and Recycling

To improve upon Carleton’s sustainability initiatives, individual garbage and recycling containers within internal departmental spaces will no longer be emptied by custodial staff. Centralized waste collection containers are being provided in the common areas of all buildings. The centralized waste collection containers include four (4) streams; waste, paper, recycling and organics.

Employees are asked to sort and dispose of their waste in centralized containers. This initiative helps Carleton align with our Strive for Sustainability as part of the Strategic Integrated Plan.

Custodial Cleaning Frequencies

Space Frequency
Classrooms Daily
Bathrooms Daily
Common Spaces Daily
Labs Daily
Entrances Daily
Kitchenette Daily
Theatres Daily
Corridors 3 days out of 5
Stairs 3 days out of 5
Open offices (departmental space) Weekly
Offices Bi-weekly
High Touch Surfaces Daily