1. Building Signage
  2. Classroom Signage
  3. Departmental Signage
  4. Updated Signage
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COVID-19 signage was implemented quickly across the Carleton University campus to support COVID-19 safety measures and regulations. As more measures are suspended on campus and the university completes its full return to campus, we are undertaking a signage removal process.

Signage will gradually be removed from doors, walls, desks, etc. throughout the months of July and August. Priority will be given to entrances to buildings and the tunnels. We appreciate the communities’ patience as we work to remove the signage from public and common spaces across campus.

Building Signage

The following signage will be removed from buildings:

  • Mask Requirement
  • Screening Requirement
  • Directional (stairs and doors)
  • Elevator Capacity
  • Physical Distancing
  • Limited Access/No Access
  • Seating Availability
  • Tunnel Access
  • Specialized Signage

QR Location Code signage and tunnel physical distancing signage will not be removed at this time.

Classroom Signage

The following signage will be removed from classrooms:

  • Seating Availability (on desks)
  • Classroom Guidelines
  • Capacity
  • Study Space

QR Location Code signage (on room entrances and desks) will not be removed at this time should we need to reinstate QR Location Codes in the fall term.

Departmental Signage

Departmental COVID-19 signage removal will be the responsibility of each department. Signage that must be removed will be communicated to the department leads. Communication will include proper removal guidelines to minimize damage to walls, furniture, etc. These areas include:

  • Department main offices
  • The area immediately surrounding the main office
  • Areas that are considered departmental space, with the exception of classrooms
  • Faculty and staff offices

QR Location Code signage must not be removed at this time should we need to reinstate QR Location Codes in the fall term.

For any exterior signage that is affixed to fencing, tables, and/or affixed to walls by nails or screws, removal will be coordinated with Facilities Management and Planning.

Updated Signage

New signage will be deployed across campus on A-frames that educate the community on general risk reduction. Please note that if pandemic circumstances were to change, the university may need to quickly reinstate signage across campus. The University will continue to carefully monitor the situation and to align with evolving public health advice and government requirements.


Should you have questions about signage, please contact covidinfo@carleton.ca.

As signage removal will take place throughout July and August, there is no need to notify us of exisiting singage locations on campus at this time.