To help support our students in finding safe and quiet spaces to study, Carleton University and Scheduling and Exam Services is proud to announce that 17 rooms with 199 individual quiet study spaces, including 3 group study spaces, have been added the Enterprise Portal tool for use during the Fall 2021 term. These spaces are self-serviceable from September 1 until December 24, 2021, for a maximum of 4 hours per booking. These spaces can be used to ease the transition between in-person and online learning and assessments; as well as for group project work.

The Enterprise Portal can also be accessed by selecting ‘Room Booking’ on the Campus tab of the Carleton Mobile app.

Available Study Space

Looking to book a study space has never been easier! Check out the Enterprise Portal to book an individual seat in one of our designated study spaces, receive an email confirmation and you’re all set! Please note, while the booking system uses specific seat numbers the physical seats within the space are not numbered.

Study spaces are offered as seats within a space or as spaces for Group Study, please pay close attention to the type of space you are reserving at the time of your booking.

Booking a Study Space

As a current student, you’re eligible to book two study spaces per day, for a maximum of four hours per booking to a total of eight hours per day. Students may choose to book space for less than four hours at a time, but will still be limited to only two booking blocks per day. You can book a space through the Enterprise Portal tool.

Using Your Study Space

If you booked a seat in a study space, it’s important to remember that you did not book that specific seat, as the seats are not physically numbered. Therefore, a student who books seat number 6 will not arrive to the space and find a seat with the number 6 on it, instead, you are guaranteed an open seat in that space.

Throughout your time in the study space, please follow all Carleton University health and safety guidelines while also following all study space rules and guidelines as outlined in the confirmation email received with your space booking.