The Advancing Women in Leadership Program (AWLP) focuses on the inner journey of authentic, creative and ethical leadership for women in business, government and civil society. Please visit the program page for more information, including funding options for indigenous women generously provided by Goldcorp Inc.

Thinking Like a Futurist is a dynamic two-day program focused on strategic thinking and future-focused leadership. In an era of exponential disruption, where accelerating technological change, global markets, and environmental crises are transforming the world, leaders are required to design and navigate complex futures. Are you ready to seize the advantages inherent in these opportunities and to help design possible and preferred futures? Please visit the program page for more information.

Management Certificate for Women (MCW) (Archived Program) 
From 2014 to 2018 this professional program enhanced women’s management and leadership skills in a supportive environment giving them opportunities to discuss the particular challenges they face in management. The program was held over two consecutive days, once per month, from or a total of 15 days at Carleton University. The program covered all functional areas of management and encouraged the transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace.

Management Development Program for Women (MDPW) (Archived Program)
The Management Development Program for Women was offered from 1992-2014. Over 600 participants benefited from this professional program. When surveyed, an overwhelming percentage of these alumnae unequivocally stated that this unique program contributed to their career success and accelerated advancement.