CREWW’s Women and Work Research Incubator Grants (WWRIG)

CREWW invites applications for small-scale research grants (maximum $5,000 each) that will be awarded in April of each year. Papers resulting from these grants form the basis of an annual research forum on women and work, held on the Carleton University campus.

Applications for WWRIG are made through a formal research proposal. The application process for 2019 WWRIG is now closed. For more information, please contact the Centre for Research & Education on Women and Work at

We are looking to expand our network to include Ottawa-based researchers who share our interest in topics such as:

  • Career implications for women on the move
  • Work-life balance in the context of mobility
  • Entrepreneurship as a precursor or outcome of mobility
  • Workplace Diversity as a result of increased global mobility
  • Gender influences on access to and potential for mobility
  • Other topics related to women and work will be considered based on fund availability

WWRIG Award Recipients

2019 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
‘Negotiating Canada’s Immigration and Labour Market Landscape: The Case of Nigerian Women Economic Migrants in Ontario'(abstract)

‘An examination of the work experiences of young women’ (abstract)

Dr. Megan Gaucher

Dr Kate Dupré

2018 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
‘Hiring a Chief Executive Officer: Does gender still matter?’ Dr. Janet Mantler
‘Engineering Gender: A study of university-based gender socialization practices and their impact on female engineering students’ Dr. Angela Dionisi
‘Women, Entrepreneurship, and Alternative Housing’ Dr. Daniel Rosenblatt

2017 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
‘Women and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Postsecondary Pedagogy in Shaping Identity, Values, and Aspirations’ (abstract) Dr. Leighann Neilson
‘Leadership spillover? An Analysis of leadership and the work-family interface’ (abstract) Dr. Kate Dupré
‘Getting by with a little help from our friends? The role of women’s friendships in perceptions of work-family conflict and role balance’ (abstract) Dr. Bernadette Campbell
‘Decision-making among dual career military couples’ (abstract) Victoria Fraser

2016 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
‘Women, Work, and Non-Professional International Mobility’ (abstract) Dr. Luciara Nardon
‘Women in the Québec Francophone Comedy Industry: Case Studies of Ladies in the “Old Boys’ Club’ (abstract) Dr. François Brouard
‘Academic Women at Work: The Implications of Health and Caregiving over the Life-Course on Productivity and Career Trajectory’ (abstract) Dr. Merridee Bujaki
‘The Postdoc—The Leak for Women in the Pipeline?’ (abstract) Dr. Renate Ysseldyk

2015 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
‘Migrant women, work and the contradictory geographies of volunteering: new research directions to understand integration, participation and citizenship formation in Canada’ Dr. Luisa Veronis
Sexual harassment spillover: The impact of gender harassment on the parenting experiences of working mothers’ (abstract) Dr. Angela Dionisi
‘Exploring the Gender-Salary –Expectations Gap: Back to the Drawing Board’ (abstract) Dr. Linda Schweitzer  
‘Connecting transformational leadership to employee well-being through work engagement: A gendered perspective’ (abstract) Dr. Janet Mantler
‘Leadership Development Programs for Women in the Engineering Industry’ Dr. Claire Samson

2014 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
‘Entrepreneurial Leadership Attributes: Developing a Gender-Neutral Vocabulary’ (abstract) Dr. Catherine Elliot
‘Establishing the Participation of Women in Canadian Aerospace’ (abstract) Dr. Catherine Mavriplis
‘The Impact of female-focused SME interventions in advanced technology sectors’ Dr. Barbara Jayne Orser
‘How Female Child Protection Workers Understand the Opportunities and Constraints of their Day-to-Day Practice’ Dr. Melissa Redmond