Advancing Women in Leadership Program 

Carleton University launched its, Advanced Women in Leadership Program in the fall of 2014, in partnership with corporate sponsor, Goldcorp Inc.

The Advancing Women in Leadership Program focuses on the inner journey of authentic, creative and ethical leadership for women in business, government, and civil society. Research shows that strong leadership and the distinctive abilities that women bring to any organization contribute to improved business performance. This leadership program provides women with insights and skills to aid them in navigating through various business systems. As of 2018, in light of theincreased support from Goldcorp Inc., the program has now been made more accessible to Indigenous women leaders.

Program Dates

April 29- 3 May, 2019 – Now Accepting Applications
October 21-25, 2019 – Now Accepting Applications

$6,780 ($6,000 +HST) per participant. Group rates are available. For more information about the program or the group rates please contact AEmilia Jarvis at 613-520-2650.

Goldcorp Sponsorship
CREWW and Carleton University proudly announce a generous commitment by Goldcorp Inc. to support Indigenous women attending the Advancing Women in Leadership Program (AWLP) over the next five years (2018-2022).

Goldcorp Inc. understands the importance of collaborating and working in partnership with Indigenous communities. Recently, they have committed to making the AWLP more accessible to Indigenous women leaders in Canada, Argentina, Chile and Mexico with an agreement of support for women to attend the AWLP each year for the next five years (2018-2022). This support will be comprised of full program tuition for each selected candidate plus travel and accommodation costs to a maximum of $1,850.

For more information or to apply for this funding, please contact or 613-520-2650.

Customized Program 
A customized version of this program is also available to organizations who wish to provide in-house training and development. For information on a customized version, contact Clare Beckton at 613-795-5026.

Overview of the Program
Many women are working in industries and organizations where women are under-represented in leadership roles and the advanced leadership program has been designed to meet their specific leadership needs.

The Program helps women at the mid-point in their career to acquire new insights, organizational knowledge, and; the skills required to navigate key decision-making structures and to lead change.

Women who participate in the program will return to their respective organizations with an enhanced understanding of organizational dynamics, with an improved ability to contribute to executive decision-making and to client relations, while advancing their success as a creative leader, and; the company’s future business prospects.

Graduates of the Advancing Women in Leadership Program will be able to step firmly into the business arena, armed with the benefits of this leadership journey, and, will be in a position to act upon this transformative experience as they assume senior executive roles.

We welcome your participation in this innovative leadership program for women!

Authentic, creative and ethical leadership is recognized as a key ingredient for the success of a business, government and civil society in a global, diverse and interconnected world. Strong leadership and the distinctive abilities that women bring to any organization contribute to improved business performance and enhanced revenues.

Leading organizations are embracing gender diversity and the value that women create for their own organizations. These workplaces use effective leadership as a strategy to foster greater innovation, high performance, and success. They are creating the workplaces of tomorrow. However, most organizations do not have conscious strategies to develop the leadership potential of women. Women face challenges in navigating the system of corporate structures that are, and have been, designed by men and have been traditionally male-dominated. Women’s strengths are not always taken into account and women are often excluded from advancement discussions.

This leadership program aims to give women new insights, depth, and skills to navigate the system and to lead change.

Target Audience
If you are a woman poised to assume a leadership role in your organization, this program is designed for you. If you are a woman working in an industry or organization where women are under-represented, you will benefit from the advanced leadership program.

If you are a woman at a mid-career point, and; a next-generation leader in your organization, you will learn how to avoid organizational pitfalls and how to advance your success as a creative leader. Working with fellow leaders, and, experienced facilitators and coaches, you will learn how organizations work, how you can construct paths to succeed in leadership roles, and, how to build lasting professional networks.

The program is designed around the introduction of concepts and ideas brought alive by shared stories, discussion and dialogue, action-oriented learning, group exercises and personal reflection. Underlying the program is a process of personal inquiry leading to self-awareness.

The inquiry and exchanges between participants and guest speakers add richness to the presentations of concepts and ideas. The themes flow from self-awareness as a leader and define the organizational requirements of leadership. Small group work and personal exercises lead to the specification of a personal career development strategy.

Participants in the five-day, the residential program will embark on a leadership journey and gain new perspectives on becoming a fully empowered leader by:

  • Strengthening their view of themselves as leaders: bringing their authentic self to bear in all aspects of life
  • Identifying the challenges that women face and learning how to navigate the system
  • Exploring more deeply the leadership skills in authentic leadership and uncovering one’s true voice
  • Finding harmony and work and family integration
  • Reflecting on and designing a strategy for career growth over the next 2-3 years

Program Goals

  • Provide insight, knowledge, and skills essential to lead effectively
  • Strengthen women’s confidence to lead in traditionally male-led organizations
  • Develop awareness of, and insights into, how men and women behave in leadership roles
  • Inspire women to achieve their full potential for advancing in their organizations and to discover their personal power
Themes  Overview

Introduction to a new kind of leadership

Navigating the system

Owning your Success

Stepping up to the plate

Leading from your own strengths

Leadership & Gender Intelligence

  • A broad look at the challenges women face in the workplace
  • New ideas and approaches for leading with authenticity.
  • Remove barriers to professional and personal development.
  • The first step in understanding your own leadership strengths and style.
  • Leverage your own unique strengths and skills.
  • Align your skills and the job requirements, create a success matrix.
  • A journey through recent scientific findings.
  • How women & men can work together.

Understanding Culture

Understanding Culture

Leadership & Women

Attributes & Skill Sets

Leading with Vision

Trust & Strategy

  • A look into your own organization’s culture.
  • How expectations can align with your own values.
  • Explore principles that guide you: conviction, courage, inclusiveness.
  • Personal power & positional power: how to leverage both.
  • Leadership principles, traits, skills & attributes.
  • Juxtaposing your strengths against key leadership attributes.
  • Lead change with integrity.
  • Build trust, inspire, generate ideas and invite ideas.
  • Bridge the different values of teams.
  • Develop critical thinking & the art of the long view.
  • Build credibilityEngage people through situation analysis and strategy.

Leadership is Engaging & Communicating

Leadership is Negotiating, Dealing with Conflict & Mediating

  • Become an enabling voice.
  • Engage and empower by applying strong communication skills.
  • Explore social intelligence to strengthen relationships.
  • Practice deep listening, without filters.
  • Framing conversations for the best effect.
  • Different styles of communication.
  • Understand how women negotiate to create win-win results.
  • Explore dealing with others through empathetic negotiations.
  • Approach conflict resolution by engaging others to support you.

Leadership is Making Decisions

Leadership is Intelligent Risk-Taking

Leadership is Building & Leading Teams – Collaborative Leadership

  • Understand how you approach decisions.
  • Appreciate how women bring different perspectives to decision-making.
  • Develop the ability to make course corrections.
  • Define your tolerance for personal risk and understand fear.
  • Appreciate the unintended consequences of risk taking.
  • Take risks that advance your career and work.
  • Build relationships that support collaboration.
  • Draw on the team’s various and complementary talents.
  • Discover effective coaching and performance feedback.
  • Develop the art of building team relationships & dynamics.

Leadership and The Importance of

Relationships & Networks: The Juggling Act

Work-Life Integration

My Own Strategic Career Plan

  • Understand the power of networks, mentors, and sponsors.
  • Show you can make them work for you.
  • Map out your network & relationships.
  • Revisit and understand stress in a new light.
  • Explore your work-life balance with a view to making changes.
  • Explore how to build harmony between work and personal life.
  • Develop your plan for work-life integration.
  • Make a personal commitment to yourself.
  • Create your personal career & strategic plan.

Navigating your Future
Carleton University’s Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership, part of the School of Public Policy and Administration, together with key partners and sponsoring organizations for this program, is uniquely positioned to deliver this leadership program for women. Studies by Deloitte, The Conference Board of Canada, McKinsey, Mercer Consulting, and top financial institutions, among others, have documented the importance of women’s contributions to the success of organizations all over the globe.

In industries where women are currently under-represented, this leadership program will help you to create the conditions for your success as you navigate the pathways to your future.

Join us for this leadership program and create a business advantage for your organization as you help to lead your organization’s success!

Program Seats
Organizations serving as sponsors for the program will receive seats in the program at a preferred rate. Individual seats are also available. Travel, accommodations and living expenses are paid for by the participants in the program.

Sponsorship Options 

Gold Level
Your organization makes a donation of $40,000 to the Advancing Women in Leadership Program (Program). Your organization receives related publicity, including the use of your business logo on the websites of the two research centres and your company name and logo are featured in the program documents for the duration of your sponsorship. A joint press release is issued. You receive 8 seats in the program, seats that can be used for program participants in this and in subsequent years.

Silver Level
Your organization makes a donation of $25,000 to the Program. Your organization receives related publicity, including the use of your business logo on the websites of the two research centres and your company name and logo are featured in the program documents for the duration of your sponsorship. You receive 5 seats in the program, seats that can be used for program participants in this and in subsequent years.

Bronze Level
Your organization makes a donation of $15,000 to the Program. Your organization receives related publicity, including the use of your business logo on the websites of the two research centres and your company name and logo are featured in the program documents for the duration of your sponsorship. You receive 3 seats in the program, seats that can be used for program participants in this and in subsequent years.

You choose to register as an individual and do not become a corporate sponsor. Please see the registration form located on this website. The cost to the individual for the one-week program is $6,780 (HST included) for the course. Travel costs, accommodations, and meals outside of the training hours are the responsibility of the individual participant and are not included in the program fees.


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