CREWW Writing Retreats support women academics with their writing process. Research demonstrates that academic writers are more productive and enjoy their writing more when they make writing a ‘social’ activity (Belcher, W.L. 2009). These retreats create space for women to gather and write while away from the distractions of their busy lives.

Next retreat: Spring 2020 – location & dates TBA
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“A colleague (Cathy) and I travelled all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska for this retreat. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes. I think the biggest benefit for me was that it reminded me that maybe, just maybe, I like the research and writing part of my job even though I feel like it gets tacked on at the end most of the time. I’m taking that renewed love of writing forward to create more balance in my work and live. Thank you so much, women of CREWW!   Jennifer L.L. Carroll, PhD

“I did not anticipate how essential and productive a writing retreat could be until I participated in this one. The setting is lovely, the food delicious, the service exceptional and the company congenial. All this provides you with the ideal context to focus on a particular project – overdue or otherwise. I’m hooked and would do this again in a heartbeat.”   Ivy Bourgeault, PhD

“Spending time with other women researchers in a beautiful residential setting was both stimulating and supportive.  Writing alongside others created a work environment that was highly conducive to the reflective mindset needed for serious writing.  In my case, I was able to make significant progress on a major project, setting the stage for a productive summer. Just as important, however, was the way the retreat fostered a sense of community among participants. Over common meals and walks along Jones Falls, we were able to relax together, sharing experiences, stories and many laughs.  The retreat also provided space for quiet time on my own allowing me to recharge physically and mentally from the combined demands of a long academic year and family life.  I returned home with renewed energy and enthusiasm.”   Jennifer Quaid, PhD 

“The CREWW writing retreat gave my summer writing the kick-start it needed. It is now a staple in my calendar. Having attended twice and I value this opportunity to set aside time for writing without the “busy-ness” of life for a few days, along with benefiting from the support and camaraderie of other like-minded academic women who are attempting to achieve (so-called) life-work balance. As a mother of two young children, a short getaway to focus exclusively on my writing was exactly what I needed. I finished up one manuscript that has been “haunting” me for months (well, years actually), and got another manuscript well under way. Both are now under review for publication.  And to top it off, the food was delicious and the company delightful!  It’s already on my calendar again for next year.”   Renate Ysseldyk, PhD

“I had a fantastic experience participating in the spring writing retreat organized by CREWW. I was thrilled with the amount of writing I was able to accomplish that week. I was also pleasantly surprised by the rich social aspect of the retreat. As a new faculty member, it was great to connect with other female faculty working across the university. Our conversations were wide-ranging and included sharing many common writing, research, and teaching experiences. I benefited greatly from this informal mentoring and look forward to attending next year’s retreat!”
Sarah E. K. Smith, PhD

“I have always appreciated the annual writing retreats but was even more grateful for the program this year. After a lengthy medical leave, the writing retreat allowed me to ease my way back into academic writing and interdisciplinary discourse in a supportive environment and beautiful natural setting. Thank you for making the Retreat a welcome kick-off to summer academic production!”
Melissa Redmond, LLB, B.C.L, M.S.W., Ph. D.