Photo of Jordan Babando

Jordan Babando

Instructor II

Degrees:Ph.D. (Queen's University, Sociology)

Research Interests

  • Health and medicine
  • Mixed methods and triangulation
  • Sociology of emotions
  • Homelessness and social inequality
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Labour rights and unions
  • Social constructionism

My current research broadly focuses on various levels and experiences of homelessness. I am currently developing a community-based study to uncover the unique understandings and experiences of homelessness in the Canadian Arctic. I have published previous research specific to homelessness and the public health response during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. My other research passions are in workplace health and safety, and emotional management within healthcare and medical practice. I am a mixed methodologist with experience designing and conducting various quantitative and qualitative studies. I have a great interest in how crime intersects with homelessness, health and social inequality, and health and safety.

Selected Publications

Babando, J., Quesnel, D. A., Woodmass, K., Lomness, A., & Graham, J. R. (2022). Responding to pandemics and other disease outbreaks in homeless populations: A review of the literature and content analysis. Health & social care in the community, 30(1), 11-26.
Babando, J., Woodmass, K., & Graham, J. (2022). COVID-19 and the Homelessness Support Sector: Perspectives on a Small Community’s Early Response to a Public Health Crisis. International Journal on Homelessness, 2(1), 105-120.
Levesque, J., Sehn, C., Babando, J., Ecker, J., & Embleton, L. (2021). Understanding the needs of workers in the homelessness support sector. Homeless Hub. From