2023-2024 Academic Year

The Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS) offers a variety of Learning and Writing Support Workshops to support students in developing their academic skills and strategies.

Our in-person and virtual (MS Teams) workshops are extensions of our one-on-one Learning and Writing Support Sessions and allow students to explore specific academic skills and strategy topics in a group setting. Please note that these live workshops do not count toward the Incentive Program.

Our online workshops on Brightspace give students the opportunity to explore each topic at their own pace and are available on Brightspace throughout the entire year (September – August).

If your course is registered with the Incentive Program, your completion deadline is set by your course instructor. Please check your course syllabus for your specific deadlines and what workshops you need to complete.

Please note that only the online learning and writing support workshops, on Brightspace, count toward the Incentive Program. 

Workshop Descriptions

Writing Support Workshops:

Learning Support Workshops: