Peer Assisted Subject Coaching (PASC) offers free, one-on-one assistance for the subjects you are experiencing challenges in. Subject coaches are available to clarify introductory course content and provide study strategies to help you grasp any areas you’re having difficulty with.

With the support of PASC and Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) we want to set you up with the skills necessary to be independent learners. Our goal is to ensure you have a solid foundation – that you understand and can apply the course content so that you’ll be successful in your introductory courses.

The Peer Assisted Subject Coaches have taken many courses in the subject they coach for and are familiar with the introductory material that you have to learn, and can assist you in that learning process. They have excelled in the subject area and are looking forward to sharing their tips and tricks for success with you. Each subject coach is dedicated to answering your questions and giving you confidence in understanding the material you study. You can meet with your subject coach during their drop in hours on the 4th Floor, MacOdrum Library (see below) or online.

Supported Subjects and Drop-in Hours