PASS workshops and office hours will be held virtually via Zoom. Facilitators will be sharing Zoom meeting information with their class. For any questions, please email

PASS Workshop and Office Hour Schedule



Workshop #1

Workshop #2

Office Hour

BIOL 1104 AB Rebecca Prowse Monday 3:05pm-4:25pm Thursday 4:35pm-5:55pm Tuesday 4:35pm-5:25pm
CGSC 1005 B Samaia Aidroos Monday 1:05pm-2:25pm Tuesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Tuesday 2:05pm-2:55pm
CHEM 1002 A Taliah Hyjazie Monday 6:05pm-7:25pm Thursday 6:05pm-7:25pm Monday 2:35pm-3:25pm
CIVE 2101 A Jordan Stanfield Monday 5:35pm-6:55pm Tuesday 11:35am-12:55pm Tuesday 4:35pm-5:25pm
COMS 1002 AB Breanna Stephney Tuesday 11:35am-12:55pm Wednesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Monday 1:35pm-2:25pm
COMS 1002 C Matthew Shaw Tuesdays 11:05am-12:25pm Thursday 11:05am-12:25pm Monday 5:35pm-6:25pm
CRCJ 1000 C Arden Day Monday 11:35am-12:55pm Tuesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Monday 6:05pm-6:55pm
CRCJ 1000 D Bronwyn Roberts Monday 3:05pm-4:25pm Tuesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Wednesday 3:05pm-3:55pm
ECON 1001 E Ana Vukadin Monday 2:05pm-3:25pm Thursday 11:35am-12:55pm Monday 11:35am-12:25pm
ECON 1002 A Ana Vukadin Monday 12:35pm-1:55pm Thursday 4:35pm-5:55pm Thursday 1:05pm-1:55pm
ECON 1002 BV Elisabeth Guthrie Wednesday 3:05pm-4:25pm Thursday 11:35am-12:55pm Friday 1:05pm-1:55pm
ECON 1002 C Ana Vukadin Thursday 3:05pm-4:25pm Friday 1:05pm-2:25pm Thursday 2:05pm-2:55pm
ECON 1002 D Lauren Pesce Monday 11:35am-12:55pm Thursday 3:05pm-4:25pm Monday 4:05pm-4:55pm
ECOR 1042 BCDEFG Sara Shikhhassan Tuesday 4:05pm-5:25pm Wednesday 5:35pm-6:55pm Thursday 11:35am-12:25pm
ECOR 1044 BCEF Mieke Wilkinson Monday 4:35pm-5:55pm Tuesday 2:35pm-3:55pm Wednesday 1:05pm-1:55pm
ECOR 1046 BCDEFG Zachary Meunier Monday 6:05pm-7:25pm Thursday 11:35am-12:55pm Thursday 6:05pm-6:55pm
ECOR 1048 BCEF Oyindamola Fadero Tuesday 12:05pm-1:25pm Wednesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Wednesday 12:05pm-12:55pm
ELEC 2507 AB Seneli Seneviratne Monday 5:35pm-6:55pm Tuesday 1:05pm-2:25pm Monday 11:35am-12:25pm
ELEC 2607 A Natalia Valdes Blanco Monday 11:35am-12:55pm Thursday 5:35pm-6:55pm Wednesday 12:35pm-1:25pm
ELEC 3105 C Sean Kirby Tuesday 5:35pm-6:55pm Wednesday 2:35pm-3:55pm Thursday 2:35pm-3:25pm
GEOG 1010 B Reona Wilcox Tuesday 12:35pm-1:55pm Wednesday 4:35pm-5:55pm Monday 4:05pm-4:55pm
GEOG 2006 A Francis Goyer-Morley Monday 4:35pm-5:55pm Thursday 11:35am-12:55pm Tuesday 11:35am-12:25pm
LAWS 1001 E Donatella Petitti Thursday 4:35pm-5:55pm Friday 2:05pm-3:25pm Tuesday 12:05pm-12:55pm
LAWS 1002 AD Ajitha Nair Monday 3:05pm-4:25pm Thursday 6:05pm-7:25pm Tuesday 1:05pm-1:55pm
LAWS 1002 B Simone Bardonner Monday 3:05pm-4:25pm Tuesday 4:35pm-5:55pm Tuesday 11:35pm-12:25pm
LAWS 1002 CV Mackenzie Dawson Monday 4:35pm-5:55pm Thursday 11:35am-12:55pm Wednesday 11:35am-12:25pm
MAAE 2101 C Jeremy Hawke Monday 5:35pm-6:55pm Friday 2:35pm-3:55pm Wednesday 5:35pm-6:25pm
MAAE 2202 BC Usman Qureshi Wednesday 2:35pm-3:55pm Thursday 4:05pm-5:25pm Monday 1:05pm-1:55pm
MAAE 2300 DEF Basheer Saleh Monday 5:35pm-6:55pm Thursday 5:35pm-6:55pm Wednesday 4:05pm-4:55pm
MAAE 2400 DEF Johanna Whitehead Wednesday 11:35am-12:55pm Thursday 6:05pm-7:25pm Wednesday 6:05pm-6:55pm
MAAE 3004 C Ben Jelley Monday 1:05pm-2:25pm Tuesday 4:05pm-5:25pm Wednesday 6:05pm-6:55pm
MAAE 3202 C Moise Mwema Wednesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Thursday 4:35pm-5:55pm Friday 4:35pm-5:25pm
MATH 1004 H Seyr Naser Wednesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Thursday 11:35am-12:55pm Wednesday 11:35am-12:25pm
MATH 1007 H Vincenzo Marcantonio Monday 6:05pm-7:25pm Tuesday 12:05pm-1:25pm Wednesday 5:35pm-6:25pm
PHYS 1008 AB David Bell Tuesday 5:35pm-6:55pm Thursday 12:05pm-1:25pm Wednesday 2:35pm-3:25pm
PSCI 2702 A Meghan Burns Wednesday 1:05pm-2:25pm Thursday 6:05pm-7:25pm Wednesday 4:35pm-5:25pm
PSCI 2702 B Hannah Beltran Monday 4:35pm-5:55pm Tuesday 11:35am-12:55pm Monday 1:35pm-2:25pm
PSYC 1002 AB Mehak Abdul Aziz Tuesday 4:05pm-5:25pm Wednesday 2:05pm-3:25pm Monday 6:05pm-6:55pm
PSYC 1002 HN Tadi Hondonga Wednesday 1:05pm-2:25pm Thursday 1:05pm-2:25pm Monday 12:05pm-12:55pm
PSYC 2002 B Jill Turner Tuesday 2:35pm-3:55pm Wednesday 1:05pm-2:25pm Thursday 12:05pm-12:55pm
PSYC 3000 AB Anamarie Gennara Tuesday 3:05pm-4:25pm Wednesday 4:05pm-5:25pm Tuesday 11:35am-12:25pm
PSYC 3000 C Bonn Steger Monday 4:35pm-5:55pm Thursday 5:35pm-6:55pm Friday 2:35pm-3:25pm
PSYC 3000 DE Olivia Bussey Tuesday 11:35am-12:55pm Wednesday 4:35pm-5:55pm Friday 12:05pm-2:25pm
SOCI 1002 B Arden Innis Monday 11:35am-12:55pm Thursday 4:35pm-5:55pm Tuesday 1:35pm-2:25pm
SYSC 2006 D Alec Bales D’Cruze Monday 3:05pm-4:25pm Wednesday 5:35pm-6:55pm Monday 5:05pm-5:55pm
SYSC 3600 D Lucia Spagnuolo Monday 11:35am-12:55pm Tuesday 6:05pm-7:25pm Wednesday 1:35pm-2:25pm