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The Centre for Student Academic Support offers workshops and one-on-one support on a variety of topics (see below) that promote skill development for students at all academic levels. Each session is designed to offer students useful tips and strategies to improve their study habits and develop skills that are useful both inside and outside of the classroom.

Can’t make it to campus? CSAS provides online interactive workshops for all students to engage in learning — anywhere and anytime. These workshops include a series of activities that identify personal areas for skills development and encourage students’ active involvement in learning and applying new study skills to their courses. If you’re part of the Incentive Program, these online workshops will count for credit (unless otherwise stated by your Professor, please check your syllabus for more information).

About Skill Development Workshops

Workshops are approximately 50 minutes long and are facilitated by CSAS Peer Helpers in room 402 MacOdrum Library. Workshops are all drop in, so no registration is required. Please note that students more than 10 minutes late will not allowed to participate. Please bring your Student Card or other piece of Student ID when attending a workshop.

The Skill Development Workshop Calendar can be located on mySuccess, or scroll down to see upcoming Workshops!

Workshop Calendar

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.

Skill Development Workshop Topics