Speaker: Joan Haysom, PhD PEng

Date: January 16th, 2018

Dr. Joan Haysom is a renewable energy specialist with over 23 years of experience in energy and high-tech engineering. She develops projects, programs and provides consulting in PV technology and PV system performance, renewable energy planning and integration, advanced solar resource analysis, bifacial solar performance, smart solar plus battery system, and economic assessment of technology. She is presently a Sr. Engineer and Business Development Lead with Leidos Canada, who are specialists in supporting deep green engineering in both electrical and thermal energy sectors. She is also an Adjunct Professor with the University of Ottawa’s SUNLAB and has taught 4th year engineering course in Sustainable Electricity Systems. She has been actively engaged with the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative, IESO and City of Ottawa energy planning initiatives, as well as many mentorship, outreach, and capacity building activities.

Leidos Canada provided support to Phase 1 of the City of Ottawa Energy Evolution, with both a baseline energy study and pathway potential studies on the uptake potential and key constraining factors for six renewable energy supplies: solar, waterpower, wind, biogas, district energy, and heat pumps. Joan provided an overview of key findings from this work, and provide some follow-on analysis of the overall picture and how each of these and other pathways might add up to achieve 80% GHG reductions by 2050, as well as the barriers and supportive initiatives that will affect uptake.

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