Coordinator: Professor Alex Wilner 

Associated Faculty: 

  • Jean Daudelin
  • David Carment


  • Alan Barnes
  • Peter Tikuisis

Current PhD Students: 

Upcoming Module Events: 

Government of Canada S&I Stakeholders: Workshop on the Future of Crypto-currencies and Blockchain, Winter 2016.
Department of National Defence: Workshop on the Future of Canada’s ISIS Strategy, Winter 2016.

Research Projects:

Multi-Domain Cyber Deterrence: Theory and Practice (project under review with SSHRC). This project has two objectives: to update deterrence for the digital era by wedding together insights from various disciplines; and to empirically explore how cyber deterrence is being conceived by state and non-state actors.

Articles and Publications: 

  • Policy Horizons Canada, Metascan 4: The Future of Asia – Implications for Canada, January 2016 [Dr. Wilner, co-author].
  • Policy Horizons Canada, Geostrategic Cluster Findings: The Future of Asia – Implications for Canada, January 2016 [Dr. Wilner, co-author].
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Relevant Courses:

Strategic Foresight in International Security, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Ottawa