CUAEL Project

The Carleton University Accessible Experiential Learning (CUAEL) project is a new experiential learning project funded by the Government of Ontario’s Career Ready Fund. Working collaboratively with the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities and the Career Services Office, the CUAEL project aims to place students with disabilities in employment opportunities and provide them with hands-on quality experiences while they obtain their post-secondary degree at Carleton University.

At Carleton, students with disabilities are now graduating at a rate on par with the general population. Carleton is well-placed to implement the CUAEL model program in employment preparation, with the objective of moving the employment success rate of students with disabilities towards par with the general population.

The CUAEL project will allow Carleton to build capacity with its employer partners, demonstrating the potential of students with disabilities and creating ongoing employer relationships that will continue after the Career Ready Fund period is complete.