7 Drinking tips to remember for Capital Hoops

It’s perfectly okay celebrate. However, we also don’t want you getting kicked off the buses or out of the Canadian Tire Centre from drinking too much!

The name of our tune is to not over consume. It may get heated on the court, but if you’re off the court and slurring your speech or can’t properly stand and cheer, it’s time to forfeit the booze so you don’t get kicked out and lose. Remember, a quest for the net can easily turn into a quest for the bathroom.

Here are 7 drinking tips to keep in mind when attending Cap Hoops

  1. Set a limit and keep track on how much you will drink.
  2.  Eat before and while you drink. Although food does not absorb alcohol, it slows down the rate at which alcohol enters your blood stream.
  3. Avoid salty snacks (i.e.chips) as they dehydrate you and are full of empty calories.
  4. Save money by limiting your drinks to 1 or fewer per hour. It will avoid getting overly intoxicated and embarrassing yourself in front of your friends (and media! Say “hi mom!”).
  5. Alternate between water and your drink. This will keep you hydrated and help with any hangover you may experience.
  6. Drink at your own pace, not of your friends.
  7. The only thing that will sober you up is time. Coffee and food does not bring your blood alcohol level down.

Remember to have fun and drink responsibly! CU at Capital Hoops!

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