electronic Check Up to Go

If you are interested in evaluating your drinking habits, e-CHUG (electronic Check Up to Go) is an anonymous online tool that gives you personal feedback in regards to your alcohol consumption.  Based on a brief questionnaire (no more than 10 minutes) about your drinking habits, it generates a personal drinking profile that identifies your drinking pattern, the cost to you, possible medication interactions, your blood alcohol concentration and your alcohol-related  risk. The results are known only to you, and if you would like, you are able to use it to track changes in your consumption over time.

There are a variety of other online tools to assess your drinking habits, but e-CHUG is by far the most comprehensive and in-depth, and provides information tailored to your responses.  The tracking feature available with e-CHUG also makes it  unique.  Clicking on the logo below will take you the e-CHUG website.

e checkup to go logo

Tracking your Consumption

If you want to use e-CHUG to track your consumption over time, make a note of your ID number assigned at the beginning.  As the site is confidential, there is no way to recover this number after you navigate away from the website.