The Carleton University Flexible Arrangements working group has developed a phased approach to flexibility that begins with the gradual return to campus for fall 2021. During this time, there will be both prescribed flexible arrangements (required due to public health standards, and covered as part of your planning process) and requested flexible arrangements (due to personal reasons such as family status, medical accommodations, or concerns about return to campus).

To support managers in preparing for the gradual return to campus during fall 2021, OQI and HR are co-hosting opportunities to learn about how to manage flexible arrangements.

HR Learning Sessions

During the HR Learning Session, we will introduce where departmental flexible arrangements fit into the planning cycle for the university, your responsibilities as a manager as part of that cycle, and an overview of the procedures to follow if you get requests for flexibility. Managers will also have the opportunity to ask any questions to prepare to address such requests. There are two opportunities to participate: June 10th (10:30am-noon) and June 16th (1:00pm-2:30pm). For more information, please contact Samah Sabra.

Management Afternoons

The June meeting of Management Afternoons will focus on the place of expectation setting conversations in the gradual return to campus for fall 2021. More specifically, we will discuss how to use the Manager Toolkit, the steps involved in the accountability cycle, as well as expectation-setting and feedback conversation models and tools. For more information, please contact Samah Sabra.