Please note that all planning for Fall 2021 is subject to changes based on public health restrictions.

For Fall 2021 we currently do not expect the campus to return immediately to full capacity; staff and faculty should expect to come back to campus gradually, in limited numbers. This poses challenges such as planning, scheduling, and managing the understandable anxiety around this change.

During this gradual return period you, your manager, and department may need to rely on flexible work arrangements in order to meet operational requirements while following public health requirements. Some forms of flexible arrangements to consider are:

  • Flexible hours/Flex time: This is an arrangement whereby you can vary the scheduling of your working hours within specified guidelines.┬áThis can be particularly helpful for managing traffic flow during peak hours.
  • Remote and On-Campus Hybrid Working: Another workable option for some departments might be to rotate staff between on-campus and remote work on a daily or weekly basis. To support this, you may have increased equipment needs (e.g., computers) to support both an on-campus and an at home workspace for a period of time. Please direct any requests for equipment to your manager.

All departments will need to develop a return to campus plan, which may include some flexible arrangements that are necessary to follow public health restrictions while meeting operational needs. These necessary/required flexible arrangements do NOT need to be documented individually with HR. Instead, they are part of the return to campus plan and will shift in response to changes in public health restrictions. Requests for flexibility, which fall outside of the departmental return to campus plan, will need to be documented, as outlined on the Request for Flexible Arrangements page.