Part One

(0:00-0:45) Data Day 4.0 Intro by John ApSimon, Special Advisor to the Deans of Science and Engineering
(0:45-5:25) Official Welcome by Roseann O’reilly Runte, President and Vice Chancellor of Carleton University
(8:50-37:54) ” AI and The Data Analytics Tsunami” by Robin Grosset, Chief Technology Officer Mindbridge
(37:55-44:55) Q&A

Part Two

(0:00-2:22) Carleton researchers present research vignettes by Fred Afagh, Dean-Faculty of Engineering
(2:23-14:19) “Predicting Rare Events” by James Green, Systems and Computer EngineeringĀ 
(14:40-29:07) “Data Science and Analysis at COADS” by Patrick Boily, COADS Carleton
(29:13-42:00) “Research Profile In Data Science” by Mike Hine, Sprott School of Business
(42:07-59:41) “Predictive Analytics” by Shirley Mills, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Part Three

(0:00-1:37) Analytics Revolution-Challenges, Resources, Partnerships by Malcolm Butler, Dean-Faculty of Science
(1:38-10:31) “Saas Challenges and Opportunities” by Mark Priatel, Klipfolio
(10:32-22:40) “Asset Management Data Universe Aviation and Defense” by Jeff Cass, IFS-Mxi
(22:41-31:04) “Communication Research Center” by Marc Levesque, CRC
(31:05-40:12) “Analytics Revolution-Challenges, Resources and Partnerships” by Mike Thomas, First Derivatives
(40:13-1:07:54) Industry Panel Discussions/ Audience Q&A
(1:07:58-1:16:08) Panel: ” What on Earth is IoT?” by Rafik Goubran, Vice President-Research and International
(1:16:33-1:28:17) Tracey Lauriault, School of Journalism and Communications Critical Data StudiesĀ 
(1:28:18-1:38:45) Dan Duguay, Thompson Reuters
(1:38:46-1:44:40) Monica Wachowicz, UNB CISCO chair in IoT
(1:44:41-1:52:07) Derek Kuhn, Blackberry
(1:52:08-2:22:54) Panel Discussions/ Audience Q&A