ITS has successfully resolved the cuLearn technical issues that were causing problems with the following:

  • Announcement emails not being delivered in a timely manner or at all. This issue also impacted forum subscriptions in cuLearn.
  • Gradebook columns not fully removed when an instructor deletes activities from the course.
  • The course recycle bin not functioning.
  • cuPortfolio enrollments not matched with cuLearn course enrollments.

cuLearn functionality for the above issues is now working correctly. Please note, however, that while new emails should now be delivered in a reasonable timeframe, there may be a delay of up to 1-2 hours at peak times of the day.

In order to fix these issues, a very large number of emails generated by the announcements tool had been blocked and queued for potential delivery. These announcement emails would have been dated from Wednesday, Sept. 9 until Monday, Sept. 14. They would have appeared correctly in cuLearn, but would not have been emailed to students. Some of the old announcement emails that were queued were sent when the issue was fixed. This means that your students may have received some email announcements that were dated. We apologize for any confusion that this might cause your students.