If you have an urgent issue during your exam, Carleton’s Joint Online Exams Team is maintaining a toll-free emergency line (1-877-557-2930) from Monday, April 13 to Saturday, April 25 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)

Support for cuLearn, Information Technology Services, Scheduling and Examination Services and the Paul Menton Centre will be available.

Contacting Your Instructor During the Exam

Your instructor may have informed you of how to contact them during the exam if you have questions. If they did not indicate how to contact them, or you are uncertain, state your assumptions and continue the exam. Depending on the way the exam is formatted, you may need to take notes and write a separate email to your instructor to state your assumptions as a follow-up. 

Technical Problems During the Exam

If you get an error page, please take and save a screenshot of the entire screen and make note of the date/time of the issue. When emailing onlineexams@carleton.ca please provide an uncropped screenshot of the error and include your full name, student number, and the full course number for the course/exam you are taking.

You can access the full FAQ about exams on the University’s Coronavirus FAQ webpage.