An Assignment is an activity that can be added to a cuLearn course for either online or offline student submissions. By adding an Assignment to a course page, the instructor creates a submission link that students click to submit electronic files. Adding an assignment will automatically create a submission link and a grade column in the grade book.

Note: Student assignment submissions must be graded  through the assignment link itself, not through the grade book column. Grades entered from within the assignment, will be pushed to the grade book column.  For more information on how to grade assignments, visit the Assignment Grading page. If you grade an assignment directly in the grade book column, the grade will be highlighted in yellow which indicates it has been overwritten.

For online Assignments, students can submit any digital content (files), such as word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, or audio and video clips through the cuLearn system. Alternatively, or in addition, the Assignment may require students to type text directly into the text editor inside of cuLearn.

An offline Assignment requires students to hand in hard copies of the solution in person. The instructor can specify if solutions are to be submitted individually or as a group. Assignments can be graded in cuLearn with the grades automatically showing up in the grade book.

PLEASE NOTE: When choosing the Submission type, do not use the pdf submission  (it causes errors).  By selecting File submissions students may submit many different kinds of files including pdfs.

Creating an Assignment

  1. Turn Editing On (button in the top right corner of your course page).
  2. Go to the topic/section in which you’d like to add an Assignment.
  3. From the Add an Activity drop down menu, select Assignment.
  4. Customize the assignment through the settings page.
  5. Click Save and return to course (or your changes will be lost).
  6. A grade item/column for the assignment will be automatically added to the course grade book.

Some Settings to Consider

  • Allow Submissions From: the date from which students can start submitting their assignment (the instructions, etc, will be visible before this date unless you hide them)
  • Due Date and Cut Off Date: an assignment that is submitted after your designated due date will show up as late (by 1 day, etc).  If a cut-off date is enabled, students will not be able to submit after that date.

Marking Workflow and Allocating Markers

If you would like different TAs to grade/review the submitted work of specific students (or groups of students), when setting up your assignment you need to follow the steps below: Marking workflow_markingallocation

  1. When setting up (or editing) your Assignment, go to the Grade tab (see image).
  2. In the Use marking workflow drop down menu, select “Yes”.  This allows graders to indicate where they are in the grading process and allows all grades to be released at once.  This option MUST be selected in order to select Use marking allocation.
  3. In the Use marking allocation drop down menu, select “Yes”.  This allows you to assign different TAs to specific student Assignments (or specific group Assignments).

Submission Types

  • Use Online Text if you wish students to enter text online.  The default setting-File submissions-allows students to upload files of any kind (ignore the PDF submission box).
  • The rest of the default settings rarely need to be changed, though Maximum number of uploaded files is set to 1 by default (you may need to change this depending on assignment requirements).
  • cuPortfolio Assignment – this option allows students to submit a page or collection from cuPortfolio into cuLearn for grading.

Group Submission Settings

  • The Group submissions settings tab allows you to permit students to submit their work in groups.  You can customize this setting to allow students to submit one assignment per group or one assignment per group member.  Group Submission will not function if no groups have been created in advance.
  • For full instructions on creating groups, please visit the Groups page.


  • You can set the grading parameters for the assignment in the Grade tab.  By default, assignments are out of 100 and will be graded using Simple Direct Grading (simply entering a grade out of 100 into a box).  The other options are Marking Guide and Rubric.

Note: It is essential to grade an online assignment using the assignment grading tool, not through the grade book.

Grading Whole Class or Group Assignments

Grading Students Individually