Feedback is a customizable survey tool in which you can write your own questions. Unlike the Quiz tool, the questions are non-graded and can be anonymous.

Creating a Feedback survey

  1. Click Turn editing on (button in the top right corner of your course page).
  2. Go to the topic/section in which you’d like to add the Feedback survey
  3. From the Add an Activity drop down menu, select Feedback.
  4. The Feedback editing page will open allowing you to customize your survey through a list of options:
    • Name – Give your Feedback activity a title.
    • Description – This text will be displayed to users before they enter the feedback.
    • Availability – This allows you to set a time period during which the Feedback will be open/available for response.
    • Question and Submission settings – Set options such as recording the user name or keeping responses anonymous.
  5. When finished editing, click Save and Display.

 Adding Feedback questions

After you have created your Feedback survey and edited the general settings for your survey you can now create survey questions.

  1. Go to the Edit Questions tab at the top of the Feedback survey and select a question type from the drop down menu.
  2. Fill in the question details.
  3. Click Save question.

Adding a midterm feedback survey

Adding a midterm feedback survey to your course is a great way to learn what is and is not working in your course before it is over.  By asking students what they like, what they don’t like, and what could be improved in your course halfway through, you have the ability to act upon the students’ suggestions and improve before the semester is over. Learn more about the benefits on our Midterm Feedback page, which includes some commonly used questions.

We also have a feedback survey template we encourage you to use.  To use the template, after you’ve chosen the settings for your Feedback activity (and given it a name), at the bottom of the settings screen, click “Save and display”.

An image displaying a red arrow indicating where the Save and display button is when you are creating a feedback activity.

A new page will appear.  You will see the following tabs under the title of your Feedback activity:  Overview, Edit questions, Templates, Analysis, Show responses.
Click on ‘Templates’.
A new tab, called ‘Use a template’ will appear.  From the drop down menu to the right of ‘Use a template’, select the ‘Midterm Feedback Evaluation’ option.

Image indicating where to find the templates tab and where the drop down menu for choosing a template, is located.

You will be brought to a new screen asking if you’re sure you’d like to use the template.  If you’re happy with the three generic feedback questions, select, “Delete old items” and click ‘Save changes’ (this removes another three questions that are repeats of the first three).
On the new page, you can either add new questions by clicking on the drop down menu, or simply go back to your main course page (by clicking on the name of your course).

Image displaying a red arrow indicating where the drop down menu for adding another feedback question is located.

If you would like assistance using feedback templates, please contact the Educational Technology team directly via email: or by phone (613-520-4433).