1. Creating an Attendance Activity
  2. Attendance Setup
  3. Taking Attendance

cuLearn’s Attendance activity allows instructors to track graded or ungraded student attendance. A student’s attendance status can be marked as “Present”, “Absent”, “Late”, or “Excused”. Once the attendance activity has been added, the default attendance status descriptions can be edited and the tracking date sessions can be enabled. Instructors have the option to allow students to record their own attendance and/or they can record attendance for their students.

PLEASE NOTE:  If Allow students to record own attendance is selected, instructors must keep in mind that not all students may come to class with electronic devices and so, therefore, attendance records may be incomplete!

Creating an Attendance Activity

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. Go to the topic/section in which you’d like to add an Attendance activity.
  4. From the Add an Activity drop-down menu, select Attendance.
  5. Give your Attendance activity a name (the default is ‘Attendance’) and add a description.   
  6. If you would like to grade your Attendance activity (Ex/ for a participation grade), leave the Grade type as Point.
    TIP: You can specify the maximum number of points student attendance is worth.  The default is 100.
  7. If you would like to assess student attendance without grading them, click on the drop-down menu beside Type and select None.
  8. Click Save and display to continue setting up your Attendance activity.

Attendance Setup

Once you click on Save and display, a new window will open.

  1. Click on the second tab across the top:  Add
  2. To create an Attendance activity that will allow you to automatically take attendance for each class throughout the term, click on the box beside “Create multiple sessions
  3. If you would like students to record their attendance, click on the box beside “Allow students to record own attendance”.
PLEASE NOTE:  Before deciding to allow students to record their own attendance, please keep in mind that some of your students may not come to class with an electronic device; you may need to provide these students with another means of recording their attendance (a sign in sheet, for example).

4. Fill in the remaining relevant information starting with Session Date (the date of your first class, for example), Duration (length of class/session), Session end date (the date of your last class, for example), Session days (days of the week you teach, and Frequency (number of weeks you’ll be recording attendance).

5. Click Add session.

Taking Attendance

  1. Click on the Attendance activity on your cuLearn course page.
  2. Select the correct week by clicking on the blue arrows beside the ‘date’ button (located just below the tabs at the top of the page).
  3. Find the class/session in which you would like to take attendance and click on the green dot to the right (under the Actions column).
  4. When the new page appears, you will see your class list and the letters P (Present) E (Excused) L(Late) A (Absent) with circular buttons beneath each letter.
  5. Click on the relevant circle/button beneath P, E, L, or A for each student.
  6. Click Save attendance.

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