1. Creating Chat Rooms
  2. Entering a Chat Room

The Chat activity allows instructors and students to have a synchronous, text-based discussion within a cuLearn course page. The Chat activity differs from a discussion forum in that it takes place in real time (synchronous). Only instructors can create chat rooms for students. A chat room can have a single session or multiple sessions that repeat at the same time and day each week. A course may also have multiple chat rooms set for different times and days of the week.

Chat rooms are useful when users are unable to meet face-to-face, and for online activities including the following:

  • Groups of students working together on an assignment
  • On-campus or off-campus online office hours
  • Regular meetings for distance learning students to share experiences with others in the same course
  • A question and answer session with an invited speaker in a different location
  • Tutorial sessions to help students review and prepare for exams

Creating Chat Rooms

  1. Log in to cuLearn using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. Navigate to the week or topic section you wish the chat to appear in.
  4. In the Add an activity drop-down menu, select Chat.
  5. Under the General Tab, enter the following:
    • A Name for the chat room.
    • A Description of the chat room (optional).
      NOTE: This description will be displayed at the top of the chat room. Checking Display description on course page will display the course Description on your course homepage just below the chat room link.

  6. Under Chat Sessions, enter the following information:
    1. Set the Next chat time for the first chat session. Once a chat time is set an entry is automatically created in the course calendar as a reminder for all participants. If no time is set, the chat room always remains open to students. Chat sessions are saved and can be viewed at a later time.
    2. Set the chat room session time under Repeat/publish session times. You have four options:
      • Don’t publish any chat time
      • No repeats – publish the specified time only
      • At the same time every day
      • At the same time every week
    3. Everyone can view past sessions is set to No by default, meaning that only instructors can view chat logs. You can change this to Yes if you would like all participants to view them.
    4. Save past sessions is set to Never Delete Messages by default. You can customize the number of days your past sessions will be saved for by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  7. Click Save and Display to save your changes.
NOTE: The Chat icon will now appear on your main course page with the Name you entered.

Entering a Chat Room

  1. Click on the Chat room name or icon.
  2. Select any one of these options to enter the Chat room:
    1. Click here to enter the chat now.
    2. Use more accessible interface
    3. View past chat sessions                        
  3. The chat room lists all participants and how long they have been idle in the chat room.
  4. Type in your chat messages and press Send.
NOTE: Your message will be sent to everyone in the chat room. Chat sessions are saved and can be viewed at a later time.

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